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Stop attacking BCHA

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2 years ago
Topics: Hardfork, Economics

I don’t know who is attacking bcha, it is recommended to stop:

1) The attacking side consumes more than the defending side, and the defending side only needs two hours to come over and make a block.

2) Dust attacks each block to bring USD 60 fee income to the defender.

3) There is no fierce community confrontation like the bsv fork, and there is no need to launch an attack.

4) In the absence of community confrontation, many people are dual-wielding, and the attack will cause everyone's loss and is unpopular.

5) As long as there is support for computing power to issue a block package transaction every two hours, bcha will not be killed and the attack will be futile.

6) The abc team continues to develop the benefits of bcha, which can be used as a reference for bch, which is better than forcing them to abandon development or switch to closed bsv development.

7) If bcha is really killed, it is actually telling core fans and bsv fans that bch can be killed in the same way.

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