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Happy Sunday to everyone. How was today's service. I trust you learned a lot. Are you willing to share? Anyway, I'm willing to share mine.

Have you ever wondered why people commit suicide?

We see cases of people who because of problems commit suicide.

Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die.

Always talk and encourage people who have problems. It may not be for today but they'll remember what you've told them about a particular issue that might want them to commit suicide and change their mind. It may not be useful to you today. You may come face to face with a problem that will make you to attempt suicide but you will remember what you've told other people.

I know a man who always talk to people that once there is life, there is still hope. This man would encourage people to serve God even in difficult times and never to allow their problems to weigh them down. He once told a close friend of mine, who lost her dad and was thinking about the stress her mother was going through to sponsor her education, to trust in God for all things and never attempt to take her life for any reason. Few months later, this same man was faced with a very serious family challenge. We don't know whether his wife was possessed or something but what we knew was that she began to pull down all the things that the husband planned to depend on after retirement. She became so arrogant and incorrigible because her salary was more than her husband's. She even changed the key to their house without the husband's consent. At times she would travel and drop her three year old daughter with her sister in law lying that her husband instructed her to drop the baby with her. She wanted to be free from the control of a man. The situation became so serious and she succeeded in sending the husband out of the house. This man was very gentle and had to leave because he didn't want trouble. In all of this, this man became depressed. He developed high blood pressure. The devil decided to play pranks on him by giving him a suicidal thought. He became very vulnerable at this point. He was about committing the act when all he had been telling other people began to play in his mind. He thought about all the things he told others to do when faced with difficult situations. This was what eventually helped him.

What am I saying in essence?

Suicide is not the solution to any problem. Never attempt to take your life because it doesn't belong to you.

The question is, do you know what to expect after death? Do you even know where suiciders go?

Many of us might have gone through or will go through difficult situations, felling depressed and not knowing what to do. The main thing to note is that GOD CARES FOR US. This may sound unreasonable to some people because of the challenges they are faced with. But, Our experience cannot negate the word of God. He told us in His word to cast our cares upon Him because he cares for us.

Being connected to family and community support and having easy access to health care can decrease suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Speak out to people who can help you and most importantly have a cordial relationship with your Maker.

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