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Who is in the garden?

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3 months ago

Who remembers this song? Ok let's sing.

Me: Who is in the garden?

Response: A little fine girl

Me: Can I come see her?

Response: No, no, no

Me: I beg my sister follow me...

Lol, we would continue the song and singing round. Anyone we tap would follow to run around. Childhood was fun. We had different games for different occasions. There is one we call 'suwe'. If you can't play this as a young growing girl child you would look like an awkward person. We have the game of the clapping of hands, I repeat childhood was fun!

What about our father and mother play, where we cook sand and mashed vegetables in water as soup but it's saddening that some wild children had abused these mummy and daddy play.

Recently, I admire the way some little children play in my neighborhood. A mother has outrightly called my attention to her daughter who brought in her playing stuffs both dried corns and sticks of vegetables were all in that bag. Not long, I saw this same girl carried a plastic container filled with used periwinkle and I begin to wonder how she had the time to gather all those things.

Inshort they need to get their minds busy which can be done while playing. Playing also help children in their mental health.


Enough of the distraction and back to our main talk.

"Who is the garden a little fine girl" a little fine girl who won't stop worrying about life.

She got all the worries of how she would fight back life. How she would interrupt this odd verse of life.

You see eh this life isn't balanced, you can't fathom everything about this life we just need to keep pushing.

What about your mindset? It's a little garden that ought to be nurtured.

Now, what is that thing pre-occupying your garden. When you see a garden most times you fall in love with, why? Because it is always nurtured.

- A garden has a gardener

-A garden needs to be watered and taken care of.

-A garden has so many tools to work with to make it look superb.

In a nutshell...

This gardener is our saviour Jesus Christ. This world alone is full of troubles, we need an external helper because we can't carry the burden on our own. He alone can help us when life seems so burdensome.

We need to water our minds with the scriptures. Even the Bible says "iron sharpeneth iron" when our minds begin to say fearful and negative words to us, we need to rebuke it by the scriptures.

As Christians who are still in this boisterous world, we ought to have different tools. Tools like weapons of prayer, singing thanks and praises, and Fasting with fervent prayer. We need these tools to clear our minds against negativity. When the enemy comes to whisper something bad to us, we can start singing songs. I do this often and after I have sung I feel once again.

Who is in this garden? A merciful God is in this garden ever ready to see us through this journey of Life...

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Written by   27
3 months ago
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I like how that turned out to be. Indeed we should fill our lives with daily walks with Jesus. I'm not familiar with that song game but it sounds similar to what we play.

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3 months ago