Love of God

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3 years ago

events here in our world

It hurts the acting heads

Incomprehensible and difficult to deal with

Especially with people who are very upset

But in the fray of different people

Sometimes the personality is also lost

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

They do not know if there is an end

We have been swallowed up by the world system

Our eyes are blindfolded

Of sweet but destructive words

Of the Devil who only wants you to perish

But Jesus is our good pastor

That in our lives he is the director

He loves us so he looked for us

And to have the privilege of being called a child we enjoy

So you think you are lost

It is not too late and not alone

God is always waiting and looking for you

To return to Him to be His child..


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May the Love of God be with us all

Nice poem dear

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3 years ago

I think you said it right that its not too late .We should return to HIM as soon as possible .Otherwise it will be too late . And onething my articles is missing you so much

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3 years ago

It's not too late to surrender yourself to Him. Let Him handle your life completely. God Bless everyone!

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3 years ago


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3 years ago