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3 years ago

If your parent's house,

I feel so nervous

You've got your mother's eyes,

And your father's lips

I want to hold her hand,

I want to own heart

All i want is your trust,

All i need is to believe us

The conversation started,

Saying words from my heart

...Words of love,

To the woman i have

I want to marry your daughter,

I will make her happy forever

I will leave her never,

I will be stronger and better

All i want is your blessing,

Love her isn't a sin,

I need your trust and to approve,

She's the only woman i love.❀

--this is not about me and my feeling, i am bored thats why i make it.😊 with the help of my brother. This is about the permission and trust with parents

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Nice poem dear

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3 years ago

Yeah meeting parents sometimes gives you nervous and worries, but if you got their smile it means you are approve to be a part of the family

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3 years ago

Is it pamanhinkan? Respect and love your partner's family as your own

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3 years ago

Ahhm just like that😊

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3 years ago

Oh good choice of words and a very insightful poem, I would be happy to see more of them. 😌😌😌 Do check around my profile friend it has been a while or have I offered you?

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3 years ago