My Sunday: Do I Feel Rested or not?

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Woke up early this morning because of the loud gingles of the running politicians in our city. I got up on my bed to see what they were up to. My mom said that they are having their house-to-house campaign.

What a bad start to my supposedly good rest day! Grrr! I didn't plan on walking up that early since I am trying to get rested and to have 9 hours of good sleep. Besides that, I am also trying to fix my overall sleeping schedules.

I had a persistent headache which I experienced for 3 weeks, and I suspect that one of the causes is that I am not getting enough sleep. Last week, I went to my doctor to get checked and to have the right medicine for my headache but sadly the medicine she recommended didn't make my headache any better. It seemed that my headache was getting worse. So, I decided to go to an ophthalmologist to get my eye checked. I thought that perhaps there was something wrong with my eye. But then, he said that my eyes were okay and that I am just having a migraine. Well, I took an anti-migraine medicine and it did work! By the way, that's just a back story haha!Ā 

This morning, I came across a cooking video featuring an oriental pasta. It looked delicious and I suddenly craved for it! I didn't think twice and went to the kitchen to prepare and cook one too. First, I went to check the available ingredients that we have in our home. I foundĀ  "giniling" or ground pork, shrimp, squid and of course, pasta! They are not exactly the ingredients that I saw in the video but I just make use of them. I followed the instructions and it came up as a delicious one! I forgot to take a picture of it since I was so excited to dig into it haha but it somehow looked like this!

photo from pinterest

It served as our brunch and merienda as well. Can't get enough of it! I think this recipe instantly became one of my favorites! My mom said that it was perfectly cooked, so I can't help but smile. Well, thanks to that video!

In the afternoon, I get myself prepared because I have a party to attend to! I am one of the ninangs or godparents of the birthday celebrant. When I arrived at the venue, I looked for the birthday celebrant and handed out my gift. I waited for the party to start and eventually ate dinner. There were many kinds of food that they prepared but I chose Igado (an ilocano dish) and lechon.

That basically summed up my Sunday! Do I feel rested? No, but I somewhat enjoy this day because I learned a new recipe!Ā 

How about you, readcashers? Did you enjoy this day? I hope you do!

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