Symptoms of a sick marriage

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Saturday 26th of March 2022.

You wanna hear right !! " Oh it Mr potbelly with his big belly on the pot table ". Nice meeting you guys it really good to be back here sincerely every day of my life was fully with a huge experience i couldn't deny the fact that i must definitely share some experience i encountered on my life's journey to you . Oh my goodness let me use this moment to appreciate the green baby and everyone that love you gave me is super and a wonderful one let me use this moment to say a big thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and for the encouragement it super wonderful and awesome i felt amazing been with you guys thanks so much.

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Mr pot belly is really grateful to the awesome sponsor who in one way or the other supported me . I really appreciate you for making my pot belly feel good I am so glad and I show appreciation for the wonderful sponsorship thanks for the wonderful offer .

Today's blog is been motivated from a life story experience which i encountered on my daily journey with my neighbours. I have two neighbours who lived very close to my door and who are husband and wife and they are marriage which everyone is aware about it. It seems so disgusting when i woke up from the bed hearing some rant and ramblings which seems to be about argument stuff . I quickly stand up to check what going on on my way i saw a upcoming stone coming straight to me i quickly run inside and lock the door then the stone fell at my door I felt really grateful for not been hit by the stone .

I then ran outside and i saw my neighbours fighting who seems to be husband and wife the wife was the one throwing stone why the husband was waving it and the stone keeps heading to my apartment direction but thank goodness i wasn't hit by the stone . Everyone came outside and began to asked the what happened whereby the male to the husband to a room and then the female took the wife to the room and then definitely everything was settled .

At the end of the dialogue between the couples who seems to be my close door neighbor we are able to discover the reason for the terrible fight is because the husband doesn't give the wife enough time that she needs at every aspect of martial dealing but now the two of them don't want to tell us more about it but the terrible issue now is that the two of them called for divorce but thank God for our neighbors friend who was able to direct them and solve the issues between them individual and now the two of them are at rest .

Symptoms of a sick marriage ;

Marriage is the coming together of two different people , it is the joining of people in holy matrimony it is the angeda of God and it is also the convenant of relation . Marriage is like a triangle male and female by side of it God at the top of it . It is a ministry and the couples are just on assignment it is a union of two imperfect people and institution of learning .

Marriage can be sick when the husband and wife doesn't seems to tolerate or understand themselves any more . Marriage can be sick through lack of cohesion and togetherness . Marriage can be sick when there is fault finding .

"The only place to find perfect wife and husband is the grace because they don't exist"

Marriage can be sick through brain shifting for instance when a child does or say something bad the couples will shift it to one and other saying it your fault . Marriage can be sick through reporting yourselves to third party , it can also be sick through lack of communication is can be sick through separations of rooms in the house . Marriage can be sick when a mother transfers her love to the children and abandoned the husband .

Don't waste your time thinking you can change anybody . Once you don't like what others people are doing go down on your knee and pray because prayers can do wonderful things you need the grace of God to change such person . Have a happy marriage life .

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