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End Of Season Rewards: Made It To Bronze II Again!

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4 months ago

Hi all!
Hadn't managed to make a post yet about the end of season rewards, as NYE kind of got in the way of that haha.

Anyway, I had a decent season. I bought my first Chaos Legion Packc, rented my way to Bronze II again and was rewarded with more cards than ever before! Things are looking up!
Unfortunately it still isn't profitable to rent my way to Bronze II, the rent costs more than the battles give me, but the rewards help and I hope that soonish I won't have to rent my way to Bronze II anymore, but will have the CP

Season Rewards

Anyway, back to the past season. I was pretty chuffed with my rewards:

I am still drowning in potions, but I got three cards, one of them rare! It has a value of 25 cents or something, but it is getting my CP closer and closer to where I want it to be!

Goals for the New Season

So the goal this season is to keep to Bronze II. I want to buy 160CP worth of cards, then I will only have to rent Dr Blight to give me anough CP for bronze II

How was your season?

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Written by   73
4 months ago
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My season wasn't bad, not good. Didn't get any special cards from the season rewards which is always a pitty. But I can't complain, so wont complain :)

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4 months ago