Simple yet effective way to increase BCH Adoption

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Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH

Step 1:

Download the wallet



Step 2:

Setup and backup wallet and keys

Step 3:

Click Receive

Step 4:

Fund the Wallet with some BCH. There are many ways to buy some BCH including within the wallet it's self with a credit card

Step 5:

Send some BCH to all your friends and family through the shareable link!!
If they message you back you get the chance to show them how easy it is to use Bitcoin Cash!

More exposure to more people can happen from the ground let's work together and show people how Bitcoin should work and why Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin!

How to use Shareable Links

Click My BCH Wallet
Click Send
Select BCH
Select Import Contacts
Click Shareable Link or Just Select the Contact you want to send to Once contacts are imported the Import button will disappear and your list of contacts will list below
Select an amount you want to send to your friend
Select Continue
Slide the button to execute transaction and create the Shareable Link
Send with a special message to your friend

Here is a small list of some good messages you could include to your friends

This is how easy sending Crypto should be

Want to see what sending Bitcoin used to be like?

Look how easy it is to receive Crytpo

Here is some free magical internet money

Check out Bitcoin Cash!

Watch your dollar grow!

BCH to the Moon!

Send some back to see how easy and cheap Bitcoin Cash is

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Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH