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Basics of CryptoBlades

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11 months ago

Another successful blockchain game emerged, CryptoBlades became more popular as more and more players earned cryptocurrency.

Personally I got curious on how this game works and how the players earn. So here's an article about CryptoBlades and some basic information needed to start playing.

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is a play to earn NFT RPG developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform and was developed by Riveted Games. The players will need to acquire powerful Heroes and Legendary Blades. Then players can now participate in a combat using their acquired assets wherein they will earn SKILL Tokens. These assets also can be traded in their market place.

How to create an account?

These are the requirements of this game:

  • Metamask Wallet

  • Yandex Browser (If you want to play in mobile browser)

  • Binance

Set up your Metamask

Before we proceed, we need to connect our Metamask to Binance Smart Chain. If you don't have BSC network in your metamask, here are the steps:

1.On your Metamask, Go to Settings and Click Networks

2.Tap Add Network and enter the following details:

3.Click save and use BSC network, to check it you will see Smart Chain on top of you wallet.

Purchase Skill Token

Before we can play this game, we need to invest. SKILL Token are needed to buy our character and his weapon. BNB smartchain is also required to cover the gas fees in every transactions within the game.

We can purchase SKILL using DEX or decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap or ApeSwap using our BNB smartchain.

Use Binance to send our BNB into our Metamask via BEP20 or BSC Network. Once we have enough BNB smartchain in our Wallet, we can now proceed and swap it into SKILL Token.

Using our Metamask Dapps Browser, Go to PancakeSwap or ApeSwap and search for SKILL Token. If SKILL is not listed in your asset list or not shown in the search box, paste this Contract Address of SKILL and import it:


Then proceed on swapping and confirm the transaction.

Sign in to CryptoBlades

Now that we have enough SKILL Token and BNB Smartchain, we can proceed on Signing in to CryptoBlades and Recruit our first Hero.

You may use Metamask Browser or Yandex Browser. If you use Yandex, make sure to install metamask extension, import your metamask account using seed phrase and check that you are using Smart Chain network.

In your browser, Go to and connect our wallet.

Here's what it will looks like:

Connect to your MetaMask

Click on Hide Warning and you will redirected to this promo page.

At the time of writing, If we Recruit or Buy a Character worth 1.2252 SKILL (0.68 BNB or 206 USD) we will receive a sign up Bonus of 1 SKILL.

To proceed on Recruiting or purchase, Tap on Recruit Character and confirm the transaction.

You will now receive your First Character with Weapon. The elements of the Character and the Weapon are randomly received.

The Gameplay

Before starting the game or the combat. Few things are needed to be considered.

-The Character have a maximum of 200 Stamina, 40 Stamina are consumed in every combat. Stamina refills 1 per 5 minutes. We can play 7 combats a day.

-Character and weapon should have the same element.

-Refer to this chart to take advantage of your element and to have a higher possibility to win a combat

There are 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Lightning and Water. In the image above, Fire has greater advantage than Earth, Earth to Lighting, Lighting to Water and Water to Fire.

Start the Combat and earn SKILL Token

On top of the page, Click Combat and you will be redirected to the Combat page wherein there are set of enemies to choose from.

In the example above, Our Character and Weapon is Fire Element, refer to the chart above, Fire has a greater advantage over Earth. There is also an indicator saying "Very Likely Victory". So I chose the second enemy with Earth Element and click Fight.

Then a transaction will pop up form metamask, just confirm the Gas Fee to proceed. It usually costs 0.20 usd only per fight.

Then this will pop up, indicating if you win or lose the fight.

The amount of xp and SKILL you earned in that fight will be indicated, in this example it's 0.042906 SKILL or 6 usd approx. (at the current price of SKILL)

Then we just need to repeat this process 7 times a day to earn SKILL and maximize our Stamina.


Currently the price of SKILL is at 160 usd and reached an all time high of 195 usd according to MEXC exchange platform.

As of July 24 2021, 2:00pm

To have comparison of the price, last May 9 2021, the price of SKILL was 10 usd only, according to website.


This game has a greater potential and already show its popularity among crypto enthusiasts. Given that as of today the price of SKILL is so expensive, lots of players are risking and investing more into this game.

We have to consider doing ample research so that we can maximize our investment within the game. Remember, Invest only money that you can afford to lose. ๐Ÿ‘

Let's see how far my investment in this game will go. For now, I still consider this as a risk, a risk that I took without hesitation. If this might fail, I will accept it. But still hoping for the best๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ˜

What do you think about CryptoBlades? Is it worth risking for?

Thanks for reading this article. ๐Ÿ˜Š

A more detailed article about the game and some tips will be posted soon.




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Written by ย ย 84
11 months ago
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I think it's still a big risk (considering it is a bit costly to start playing) but I do know that this game has still a great potential. Although I am not ready to try and play it (since I am more of a free-to-play type of gamer), I hope you good luck with this endeavor of yours!

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9 months ago

Can I used trustwallet instead of metamask?

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10 months ago

Yes, you can use trustwallet too.

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10 months ago