Camera shy.

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I'm that kind of person who's always hiding or covering my face when there's a pictorial. I remember when i was in my 9th grade we're having a class pictorial that time but i go home early that time. After our class we'll be having a class pictorial everyone was so excited and especially girls they are so busy doing their make ups. But me? I go home early. I got so nervous and i feel like my feet is getting cold and my hands I'm so very nervous, i don't know what's happening to me but everytime when it comes to taking a picture I'm always having a cold feet.

I don't have any pictures in my Facebook account or any social media account. I'm a shy type person I'm always avoiding camera's. Sometimes I'm taking a selfie and then i will delete it immediately. I'm not really sending a selfie to my partner because I'm shy. I just hate camera's.

When there's an occasion or meeting with my friends i don't bring my cellphone. So we don't have a pictures here in my cellphone together , whenever i go out i will always left my cellphone in the house.

Even if we're having a family outing I'm shy to take a picture but sometimes I'm taking a picture of our foods or snacks but i don't like selfies.

Last Saturday we went to the beach and i only have a three picture here in my phone.Just a picture of our snacks and the beautiful view of the sea.

That's one of my problem with my self but I'm coping up with this situation. I opened this problem with my friend and she told me that i should take a pictures because every picture have a memories, and we're all aging a picture will mean a lot to us soon in the future. I've been thinking about what she told me but i won't be hard to myself. I'll try to solve it slowly until I'll just used to it.

To all camera shy out there we can take a picture secretly! Nah just kidding. Let's solve our problem together, i know it'll be hard for us. Some people will just laugh But they don't know anything about us:).

I just want to tell you that be proud of what you are.Be blessed with what you have. There are so many people out there that feel so empty inside and having a problem. Just always keep on fighting!

I'm giving a small amount to my first reader because i earned $0.11 here in my one article I'm just so happy haha, thankyou for reading, may god bless you.

Thanks for reading read cash fam, take care always😊

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Haha.. I hope I am the first who read your article.. Don't be shy on camera.. For me taking pictures is like getting the memories and lock it. So that you can see /open it anytime.. But its more especial if your inside heart really enjoy what is happening in that event.. Sometimes if you remember the old times it makes you smile unexpectedly

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I agree with you and I will be getting use to it soon, just trust the process. Thankyou for dropping by!

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