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Stop chasing opportunities

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6 months ago
Topics: Job

It's not about how many opportunities you have, it's about how many chances you take out of your life

 Do you think more opportunities mean more chances of success?Since we all want to feel important in this world, we believe the way to achieve this is to look for every opportunity available. I hear it often: "This is a big opportunity for me." But this idea seems a bit broken, chasing opportunities is such a bad strategy, that chasing skills and preparing for opportunities is more important, this is a small adjustment in the way you think, but it changes everything, as Abraham Lincoln explains it better: “I will prepare and my chance will come someday “.

We're always on the lookout for the next big opportunity, the next big business idea, the technology to adopt, a vacation to plan, a home to buy, someone to seduce, an upgrade to get.

What do you seek in your life?

Are you everywhere? Are you trying to get the most out of everything? Are you chasing every opportunity on your way? If you do, you are definitely deceiving yourself.

 You want everything, but you lack the courage to say "no". So you say "yes" and put yourself in impossible situations.

Too many priorities equal no focus

I have to be honest - I'm talking to myself here. For most of my life, I've been moving from one opportunity to the next. That changed about twelve years ago when I decided to focus solely on growing, my family's business, and my blog. All went well. I said "no" to everything else. But I've been tempted by opportunities in the past few years. Consulting, coaching, speaking, writing more articles and books, starting another business, creating videos for social media channels – things I've done or thought about.

But everything I did was confusing me. I had too many priorities and no focus. It is time for me to rethink my opportunities. However, it is never about finding opportunities. Everyone has opportunities. So it's not about how many opportunities you have, it's about how many opportunities you take out of your life. This is not easy. I decided to focus solely on my work, the blog, the courses, and consulting, these things are so closely related to me that I say “no” to every other opportunity.

Opportunities are not only external

Most opportunities come from within. Every time you think: "Should I pursue this?" You are evaluating an opportunity, and that requires a lot of brainpower. So make your life easy and decide, what do you want to focus on in your career, and what do you want to excel at? And I do exactly that. nothing else.

How many things should I focus on?

It depends on where you are in life at the beginning of your career, and if you are going to pick one to make things easier, just pick one skill and give it all your attention. But having just one skill in life won't get you far. When I look at people who do well in life, they often combine many skills to gain a competitive advantage. You also do not want to be familiar with all professions. Other than that, you are good at many things, but not exceptional at a few things.


When you know it takes hard work to realize the opportunity. Thomas Edison said, “Most people miss an opportunity because it is in business clothes and looks like work.” In the end, opportunity is just an opportunity to achieve something good. Chance alone means nothing. Give ten people the same chance, and you'll get ten different results. Since you don't want to work to death, it's best to pick your opportunities wisely. How do? I ask myself two questions:

  • What am I good at? This question helps you pick out opportunities that align with your strengths.

  • What kind of work do I enjoy? I don't like to pursue opportunities just because I think they'll make me money, or just because other people are doing something. These are poor reasons to do something.

And when you answer these questions honestly, you always get a few career opportunities. Nobody masters a hundred skills, and nobody enjoys doing everything in the world.

You may chase every opportunity, but you end up confused, and life is full of opportunities. You just have to know what opportunities you're after. And yes, it's hard to tell. You also have no control over the opportunities that come your way. What do you control? How prepared are you? So stop chasing everything. Just keep things simple, work on your skills and personality, and get better at some things every day. And when opportunity knocks, don't be afraid to work, grab it by the head and give it everything you've got.

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Written by
6 months ago
Topics: Job
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Love your views on this topic, but I know not everyone has multiple opportunities in life

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6 months ago