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Father Shouting

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4 months ago

Whenever I hear my dad's shout, the tears

fall without anyone else, I'm so terrified

My father's relationship with him is very bad and it is very limited, if you sit with me at home only for one day, you will think that we are strangers and do not know each other! Yes, although I have lived with him since I was born, all I know about him is only his name. I never spoke to him. This was his strange and incomprehensible law. When we talk, he starts screaming, and when we do things that are not worth shouting, he starts screaming for no reason

I did not know in my life what is the role of the father? When I was young, I thought that the role of the father was only to bring what we eat, and the father was that person when he was there. We should not talk, just be silent, so I began to discover little by little that the role of the father is greater than this, but my father did not care about us, are we sick or need his tenderness, so it began to form I have, and my father was ashamed to go with us to a certain place, as he does not approve of us and also does not trust me. When I go out, he starts asking questions as if he doubts me, except that the behaviors that my father does have caused me to hate the male element, but here is not a problem, I am trying to love him Nevertheless, because he remains my father, especially when I am 18 years old, I do not want to hate him, so I began to forget that.

The calamity had come from where I did not expect, that screaming that he screams has affected my psyche, despite the efforts. I cannot. As soon as I hear my father's voice forcing me to do something or screaming, even though he does not scream at me, I start crying for no reason and start to sweat and suffer from a collapse. All of this comes subconsciously and I am not in control of it, at first I thought I only suffer from this when someone screams, but with time I discovered that these symptoms only appear when I hear my father's screams only as if my head is telling me that something bad is going to happen, I don't know how I will describe the feeling, as I am not quick to cry and I am not emotional, but when I hear his screams, tears fall on their own , I am very afraid, as I did no

Mention to anyone what I suffer from, and I am afraid that one day I will explode and scream at my father, as I do not want this to happen, advise me what to do?

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4 months ago
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