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Businesses that may take a little from you, but they mean a lot to others 

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4 months ago

There is still time for you to make a difference in the lives of others with actions that may seem simple but to others are great.  

In this article, I would like to collect for you some simple works that anyone can do if they make better use of their time, effort, tools and money, which may sometimes be absent from our minds. Therefore, I found it an opportunity to write some of them here, perhaps it would be a gateway to opening new horizons for doing good, as the mental image of doing good has always been associated with giving a lot of money only and when there is not much money available, the thought remains unable to provide assistance, and so as not to overwhelm you, let me show you what I mean By listing some practical situations:

 First, what can you do with a laptop?

For example, you are a student at the university and own a laptop and the professor asked you to present your required project through your computer only, and you applied to the university and there were some students who did not have a computer of their own, and the professor insisted on canceling their grades in the project, so you donated the presentation of their projects from Through your device and they may be more than one student, what did it cost you? Just sitting at the university for an extra hour in exchange for saving five students from failing the course.

 Second: The expiration date for food products, use it for the benefit of all parties

For example, you have a large family that contains ten people and you want to buy a dairy product, and you know that this product will only stay in the house for one or two days at the latest, and you went to the fresh produce store and found the product you wanted but with different expiration dates, then why Do not buy the box that has a two-day shelf life and leave the five-day product to another buyer? Here the amount you will pay is the same, but you have given the seller a chance to keep the product with the most validity, in addition to that, you have kept the product you bought from being thrown in the trash, yet nothing has changed for you, you and your family bought the product at the same price and got the same nutritional benefit.

This example can be applied to various food products, but do not forget to estimate the expiration date based on how long you have consumed the product.

 co-workers with you in housing

In other words, if you are living in a separate house for the purpose of work or study and there may be a person from your work or study colleagues who does not have housing, you can offer them to live with you without them costing anything, because before this person came to the house you were paying Electricity, water and gas bill on your own, so why share with him now! As the slight increase in consumption does not reach the point of co-payment. And here I like to say that I mentioned this example because it is well-known that all parties participate in the payment, and this is common in student housing and fellowship work, but in this article I wanted to clarify the point of work that is not very common and that makes a difference in the lives of others.

 Fourth: Classify the waste before throwing it in the trash

In some countries there are people who live behind the collection of cartons, plastic and bottles that are thrown in the trash, and they go there on a daily basis to search with their hands inside the dirt, so how about you put all your waste that these people benefit from in different bags than your garbage bag and put it on your The trash can, even if these people come and take it without their clothes and hands getting dirty, a great idea isn't it.

 Fifth: Combating beggary and supporting street vendors who own simple products

Some poor children beg and some sell napkins or sweets to get money. How about you make a difference in the lives of all these children, by buying from those who sell what they sell, so they rejoice in getting money with pride and dignity, and to give the children who are begging this commodity that you just bought from those, and it becomes They have capital and a small business, and you tell them to sell it instead of asking people for money, and here the dear soul is raised in them with a very simple work, and here, too, you used the money to solve the problem, but with a double strike and at a low cost.

In conclusion , I ask God that we all be part of the change for the better, and that we be the one who makes a difference in the lives of others, even if it is with seemingly simple deeds, because we do not know how much these actions mean to others, and perhaps an invitation from them will afflict you with much goodness in this world and the hereafter, and it was a door to success and sustenance for you. From where it does not count, may God guide everyone to what he loves and is pleased with.

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4 months ago
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