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7 months ago
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This is the second time we will have a holiday announced on short notice. Compared to the first, though, this one have more days of "preparation". Except that even with the days of preparation prior to the long-weekend, my wallet was not prepared to think of executing the "where to next" adventure juices. So here I am, Pichi28, mulling over some things I can do in this long-weekend-with-nowhere-to-go-and-nothing-to-do-planned.

I have asked my friends what are their plans. And everytime I sent out the message my wallet 🙄 starts screaming, "Nope, you are going nowhere!"

<insert an image of a wallet with only a few bills inside and protesting against spending>

The message still goes through. If my friends reply with "no plans" then my inner child yelps with glee. I am, at that point, normal. If they answer that they do have a plan. Well, I just ignore the message. Still normal.

I went through my list of long pending errands that are under the category of "not a priority" and thought of maybe I can get some going. They are not prioritized, hence, not urgent and would not be stressful to start crossing out.

First on the list was: taking my bike to the shop and getting it cleaned.

<insert an image of a rusty bicycle looking sad and needs some bath>

An errand which my friend will laugh at me for having this pending for more than a year now. Taking the bike to the shop would mean getting some exercise, too! Sounds like a good idea until the realization of taking the bike to the shop could also mean needing some parts getting replaced, ergo, s-p-e-n-d-i-n-g.

Revisiting next on list: just go jogging first part of the morning. Make sure I am tired to think of anything else to do after.

I am reminded, I have no shoes for jogging. Hah! Still doable with any sneakers I have. Might consider.

<insert an image of a sketch of a funky stiletto shoes cross breed of a rubber shoes with wings>

In frustrated random thought: Since it is a hot day, go stay inside a coffee shop, and plan out your Read, brainstorm on opportunities I may be missing to earn more, etc.

The airconditioning and the ambiance of a coffeeshop may be a nice to relax in to, but also screaming of having to spend. Besides, with the day being a holiday, I am sure such places will be crowded.

Exhausting my "having to have something to do outside the house" self, I have resigned to the thought of staying home and most likely just look for possible certifications, add them to the queue of "investing on myself", continue some trainings, and the last resolve is to ..

... be a potato...

<insert an image of a cyberpunk cartoon potato sitting on a couch eating popcorn>

Going mad and excited but in disbelief for not having enough fuel to cook up an activity here. And having a good laugh at myself.

Ain't it kind of frustrating that every move you make comes with a price tag. ?

That makes me super grateful for and start thinking of things that may still be free...

...waking up is free

... breathing is free

... laughing is free

... loving is free

... being nice is free

.. day dreaming is free

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7 months ago
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I laughed at the last part. Don't be a potato po hahaha. I'm also thinking of going to a coffeeshop but I'm too lazy to go out in this hot weather.

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7 months ago

Holiday nga pichi. Sa partner ko lang din nalaman. Sinabi niya sakin kanina.

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7 months ago