What things can distract us🚫!

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2 years ago

Yesterday I saw so many articles about distraction and also my friend told me about it. So today I decided to join this contest which is about distraction promoted by @JonicaBradley. After reading about it that how to write it then I Think 🤔 today I need to write about it instead of others. First I want to tell you what is a distraction? Because many users are not good at English and that's why they face difficulty understanding the word "Distraction". Distraction is like an interruption that keeps us from calling attention to others. In today's life, we have so many things that distracted us and in fact, it's a part of our Life.

Which one thing that distracted me a lot:

I start writing this article at 9 am. And now check the time at what time IAM posting this article ☺️. So I think you understand something to distract me that's why I write one write in one day. The most important thing that distracted me a lot is Facebook. I don't love to post anything or tag anyone but I love to watch videos, memes, short movie clips. Almost I spend 10 hours watching these videos. Sometimes I Think by watching these videos IAM wasting my time and at that time I leave to watch ⌚ video but after one hour again I start to watch videos.

Noise from the neighbors:

First I want to tell about my neighbors, they are my cousin and they are making their house. So they came after some minutes and ask: Have you that thing! Again and again, they came and ask that question ⁉️ for different things. Already I said they built their houses so heavy machinery working on their house. This creates a lot of music and that's also distracting me a lot.

Typing SMS also distract me:


Not to use in driving know most people don't like chat because of typing again and again but I almost type messages for 6 or seven hours. And sometimes I think 🤔 I leave it but because of my fancy I can't do it. She said I want to chat with you daily whatever you are doing or not 🚫. I know she said to me because of love but sometimes it distracts me a lot like how it's distracting me from writing an article. A lot of time I forget what I will write next.

Mobile phone 📱:

I think 🤔 no one here who will say mobile 📲 phone not distracted me. It's a common thing that distracts a lot whatever you do. Like I want to learn and suddenly I remember I need to check WhatsApp. Use it for 10 minutes and then stop using it then again after few minutes we start using it 😃. Mobile distracts a lot mostly In exams. It's not necessary to have internet or not some who don't have internet 😂 start playing games 🎯.

These are four distractions that I have to undergo every day. It's hard to focus on writing while you have such type of distraction in life but we are surviving because these are now part of my life.

That's all I share with you today ☺️ 

Thanks for Reading. And sorry 🙏 if you found any mistake in my article 😃. You will also become a part of this contest:

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2 years ago


I can relate to the mobile phone distraction though... sometimes I get annoyed on myself 🤣🤣🤣

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2 years ago

There are many things that can confuse us. But you mentioned a few points. I think they are one of them.

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2 years ago

Distraction is a part of our life 😉 no doubt you face these distraction like me 😜🤣

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2 years ago