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3 years ago

Please bear with me, this is going to be a long one.

As I had a casual chat with /u/tibanne, our resident Chaintip legend on the /r/btc subbreddit, I had this sudden realization that really shook me and I thought I needed to repost it here for everyone to hear, because I think sometimes we all get so caught up in the moment, it can be really easy to forget to take a deep breath and reflect on it all.

This feeling I got tonight was something that I've only ever felt once previously. That was the first time I used BTC back in 2013 (and by golly, that could have bought a few houses today..lol). Back then I knew Bitcoin was going to change the world, but for me the outlook was more self serving, thinking about how much filthy fiat money I could make once this whole thing took off, and yeah it would be pretty cool for everyone else too, we can all lift ourselves out of the day to day rat race and not be as concerned about how we were going to support ourselves and our families down the track.

For a good two years from 2013 to 2015 you could not shut me up about bitcoin. My coworkers at the time were probably having bets behind my back to see how long it would take once I walked through the door to start carrying on about bitcoin like some real life smeagol talking about his "precious".

Then after all the BTC block size debate came and went, I came to the conclusion for the first time ( there had been many false alarms over the years. it felt like every five minutes that china was banning bitcoin.. lol) that I needed to reassess all my holdings, Something the long term hodlers understood all too well. You never sell BTC baby, to the moon guy, all the 300 memes and BTC rollercoaster. My hopes for BTC had seriously been undermined by a few bad apples, supported by some well funded deep pocketed companies, and as such I felt this time was different.

Then I watched the price of BCH go down and down and down and down... But that was ok, you know why? Because I knew a bunch of great strong willed smart people who were there the whole time with me, never swaying away from their convictions, always sticking to their beliefs, putting their money where their mouths were, Building awesome tools for adoption and privacy, BCH twitter style services, bitcoin wallets, printing stickers, printing tips to share around to family, friends, coworkers, anyone with a hand ;) lending a hand where they could, informing people what happened with the split, and just basically doing whatever it took and whatever they could to help out. Despite all the vitriol and smear tactics and ddos attacks and spiteful petty Wikipedia edits and fake troll accounts on reddit to paint BCH in a bad light, they have not been successful. These people have spent so much time focusing on trying to change public opinion within their own controlled censored channels, that they have failed to realise that not everyone goes to those particular channels and aren't influenced by all the haters. These people are every day hard workers that just use Bitcoin cash because it works great and serves their purpose, whatever that may be. They are in a situation where paying 17usd to send money doesn't make sense, and their governments are broke, or corrupt, and their monetary system is so bad, they have had to resort to finding alternative ways to be financially secure.

Anyway back to the topic... The second feeling came tonight. Now this isn't the first time I've thought about how cool this is, but this time it was a little more profound, because I was thinking how amazing it is, that I can literally send someone twenty cents from my wallet directly to theirs, over the internet to anyone in the world, and they receive it in their own private anonymous wallet in seconds. They don't have to be home, they don't have to have a lightning channel open, no bullshit, just a transaction from one human being to another any time day or night, 24/7 365 days a year for less than a cent. Now that in itself is pretty cool and something I already knew way back in 2013 and you could back then with BTC, the transactions were still way under the 1mb limit, But today with Bitcoin Cash I feel like without all the negativity and infighting, the same thoughts feel a lot closer to being a reality for the rest of the population, not just us crypto geeks ;). When you start thinking about millions or billions of those types of transactions times per day, you start to get an idea of just how fast the flow of money transfer is going to transform everything.

Just like the internet pushes forward information at lightning fast pace, now we have the ability to literally catapult trillions of dollars to each other on a whim, with almost zero friction and for all accounts, basically free.. No grubby little weasel corporations have their hands in our pockets taking their cut, or are checking against a list and deciding whether you are allowed to make that transfer, or sending the details of that transfer to the government to check to see if that's something they should start investigating, or stealing your wealth by creating so much inflation that you need to do extra shifts at your workplace just to keep on top of the crushing debt that is eating away at your soul because of inflation and stagnant hourly wages that haven't changed for decades. No applying for a bank account and hoping you have the right documentation to be approved. Just download an app and start receiving cash. We are literally smack bang in the future, and we are basically still at ground zero in terms of adoption. Its like we are looking at the first model T Ford roll off the assembly line, except the next 100 years of development after that event are basically going to shrink down to the next 1-2 decades in terms of advancement, and speed of progress for us today .

We have barely even scratched the surface of how entirely massive this economic/financial renaissance is going to be, and Bitcoin Cash as well as similar peer to peer currencies continue to thrive and grow because we the people make it so. To some it's the same goal that mostly everyone had all the way up until 2015, and for others who are new, they are just beginning to see the potential the crypto industry will bring to everyone. This time around we have a new bunch of awesome developers, we have kicked out the bad actors, we have successfully increased the block size and are actively working on future proofing the protocol. Every time one of you awesome people tip someone, or make a comment, or show someone how to use a wallet, or inspire others via posts here on read.cash, or explain some technical details to someone who isn't quite as knowledgeable but is super eager to learn more, you are growing the BCH ecosystem and helping it become self sufficient. The last couple of months for me have really gotten me super excited, and it is the same feeling today I felt back in 2013 when BTC was slowly making its way up the ranks. Cryptocurrencies such as BCH are a chance for us launch humanity forward in crazy new ways we will only truly comprehend the scale of, when we look back at all this a couple of decades from now.

As the network effect gets bigger, more people being introduced start to create a groundswell that once it starts, cannot be stopped. Each one of us brings something to the table, and it's that collaborative spirit that I think will get us across the line. Everyone brings their own desires for their future and stores it digitally in the blockchain. Regardless of how long it takes or which crypto takes the mantle, Crypto is here to stay and it's going to change absolutely everything, and we're all here to watch it unfold in real time. What a time to be alive!

Today we are making real progress and real change, and we will look back at all of this in the next decade, the same way we did with the internet except it will be 100 times better because the product of all our hard labor won't be able to be syphoned away like it is able to be today. Even if all else fails and BCH for some reason doesn't manage to take over the world, Satoshi has already laid out the groundwork to make this happen. we just need to keep pushing forward, through the regulation and special interest, through the one percent, until it becomes reality.

I just want to publicly thank everyone who has contributed over the past decade or more, especially those who have decided to chose financial freedom for everybody, equally across the board, no exception, over store of value. We are all building this together as a worldwide community and ​I'm truly honored to be a part of it with you all. now let's do this! cheers.

Update: 100% of tips given here will be forwarded to others here, and for tipping new BCH users.

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Dude, this is a great article that is sincere, fluid, and perfectly reflects your love for Bitcoin Cash. Also, your reflection of the importance of sharing into action, I am sure, has had a great impact. I wait for your articles to continue.

Love and respect,

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Too bad that I didn’t get a chance to get the free bch included on your article. Great read btw

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