The power of the Night

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3 years ago

Night or midnight as you May want to call it. Why is it that night is so special,

it is often associated with danger and evil.

spiritual conducts and witchcraft are often done at night, Ghost usually wander about at night, church programs that usually deal mostly with prayers are usually conducted at night.

If you should apply body cream on your face it usually work faster at night, babies usually cry at night, couples usually copulate mostly at night, prophet Muhammed made his popular journey from Mecca to Jerusalem at night, Abraham made his first encounter with an angel at night.

Tough Political meetings are usually conducted at night, Mark Zuckerberg rarely sleep at night, Even in Nigeria NEPA usually bring light mostly at night.

Are you still snoring at night! Make use of your night, there is something special about d time called Night, there is a supernatural force behind that Night.

So please, Make use of your Night.

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Night is so magical and powerful to develop the best ideas and creations! It has definititely some meaning, there are people who can live only at night💜 In night we are reborn, by the staying up or sleeping, it is transforming and cleansing💜 Sorry I just wanted to say how great night is, and ur article encouraged me about thah, I totally agree with you🤩

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3 years ago

Lol, funny but good article. I think the night does hold many things. I also think you're Nigerian, no offense, seeing as you mentioned those spiritual things.

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3 years ago