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How To Setup A SmartBCH Account on Metamask For Android

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7 months ago

To begin with, you have to download Metamask from Google Play store and set it up by creating a new account or importing your secret recovery phrase, don't forget to backup your secret recovery phrase, You'll be on Ethereum network by default.

Next is how to add smartbch network

  • Click on 3 horizontal lines on top left corner

  • Click on settings

  • Click on networks

  • Click on add network

  • Input details as seen in picture

Network Name: Smart Bitcoin Cash




Chain ID: 10000

Symbol: BCH

Block Explorer URL:

  • If there's need to switch between networks, heres how

For more information on SmartBCH, kindly visit

use desktop mode for better experience on the site.

Also smartBCH link is

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7 months ago
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