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To Set A Goal Is More Than Important In Life

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7 months ago

You probably have heard this before - We did not reach our goal or we have exceeded our goal. It is very important to set your own goal whatever you do in life. Whether it is losing weight, making a certain amount of money online in a month, but it can be a long term goal as well. What matters is you have one set up.

What is your goal?

Without a goal it could be very difficult to achieve what you want. Let me tell you an example. You are on your way to somewhere what you want to see or visit. You have no idea at all where that place could be. You know that you want to get there, but you did not set it up as a goal. You start your journey and you just go any direction without knowing where it would lead you. What is the chance you are going to reach your goal or achieve what you wanted? Almost zero. You will be unable to reach your goal and achieve anything. What will happen? You give up.

Never give up!

Now I am pretty sure that you heard the term before - Never give up! - That's right you should not give up under any circumstances. I had many many things in my life when I could have said - I am tired of all this, I can't do this anymore or just simply say - I give up now after trying something very hard to do. I didn't in fact I was able to stand up from the ground and start everything again from the beginning. Guess what? I was able to get there where I wanted to be. Was it hard? Yes. Did it worth all my effort? Absolutely.

Positive mindset and good motivation helps you going through difficult decisions and it will be much easier to reach your goals.

I am on a mission to achieve my goal.

I am a new member here on although the concept is not new to me. I came across with a similar platform about 2 years ago and I built my account up from zero. I was a complete beginner and I did not even know how to use that platform properly. Fortunately I met nice and helpful people there and built up a little community that helped me to achieve what I planned. I have much easier job here, because I know how to start and what to do, but on the other hand I know that it won't be easy. I already have my goal to achieve for March with

Always be realistic.

I will not go blind and set up a high goal for myself, because I am only new here. Although I can see this platform is very promising and have grown and still growing. My goal is for March is to publish one article a day, start to build up a community and possibly make friends. Repeat the same process in April with just one article a day and continue building my community and friends. Once I have the idea what is possible on this platform, then I can start setting up different and higher goals. What do I need to achieve all this? My time and effort to make it work and of course I need you to be a part of my mission and not only I will grow, but you will grow too.

Please let me know in the comment section below what your goal is and what have you achieved so far. I would be really interested to see many different goals and different stories.

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Written by   162
7 months ago
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