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Ronaldo's move to United

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2 months ago

I hear people saying Ronaldo coming to United was a mistake and it disrupted United flow, putting on the arguement that United was second last season.

Truth be told I wasn't a fan of Ronaldo coming back and I don't believe in players second coming but i believe if a coach doesn't know our to work with the players at his disposal then it says all about the deficiency of the manager.

Ronaldo is arguably the greatest players of all time currently bailing United week in week.

I dare say he was one of the reasons ole lasted than long.

People then to make reference to last season but are quick to forget the top teams were plague with injuries and particular played below par.

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Christiano Ronaldo has proved his worth in every league he has been. He is a great achiever and rarely miss chances (Pelz this a fellow unilag brother)

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2 months ago

Thank you for this honestly if we had more people like you in the word saying the truth the word would be a better place

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2 months ago