We Need Each Other

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Starting a fight is not any big issue but ending it is. I have fought many fights in my life and found out that nothing good comes from them. Most times, what caused the fight is not relevant in the first place and should not have resulted in a fight. Recently, I recollected how I had to fight my younger brother for no reason when we were still young. 

This fight was a fierce one that my younger brother had to report me to our parents who kept mute until midnight when they woke me up from sleep and gave me the beating of my life. When my younger brother reported to them, they wanted to treat the issue but I kept my distance because I knew I was wrong. So, that night, no one was there to help out. It was a beating that would stick to my memory for the rest of my life. 

It was that beating that shaped my attitude and never to fight again. Not just with my brothers but with any other one. 

As time went by, I grew up and started a family of my own. I am grateful for that. When it seem like there was going to be a problem that will cause a fight between myself and my wife me, I would quickly see to it that it for not come up. By doing so, we have been able to enjoy the fruits of peaceful coexistence. 

For our neighbor, it is not so. Their five-year marriage has gone through hell. They fight or argue at the top. l of their voice now and then. 

Three years ago, we decided to have a Christmas party on our estate and I was selected as the chairman of the organizing committee. It was a huge responsibility but I put everything into it so that it will be successful. My direct neighbor, Tayo, was a member of the committee. 

Tayo was quite a well-read man. He has some ways of going about social events. His ideas helped a great deal in making the event a great one. The only issue with him is that he doesn't know how to manage his wife. At the slightest action he will shout her down. 

In one.of our meetings, Tayo's wife called her through the phone. Though no one had heard what the wife was saying on the other side, we heard Tayo on the top of his voice, speaking to his  wife like she was a child. He started panting like he just finished a marathon.

Our meeting went on silently as we watched Tayo in his pitiable state of emotional stress. I had to speak to him about it after the meeting. He accepted that he had overreacted and promised to work on his temperament. This made me happy and I was glad that I had the opportunity to speak to him. 

Two days later,  we were to have a meeting in Tayo's verandah. He hosted us for a lavish meeting. It was the first time we would have a sumptuous meal at any of our meetings.

Fried rice and barbecued chicken was served during the meeting. It was made by Tayo's wife and it could be described simply as a delicious meal. One of the members of the committed had to say it out:

Tayo, your wife is a great cook. What a lucky man you are. 

We all laughed at the statement and continued our discussion. Tayo opted to help his wife take the dishes to the kitchen. It was not for up to three minutes, a heated argument ensued between Tayo and his wife from the kitchen over drinks that were meant to have been refrigerated. 

We were so embarrassed that we sat on the couch, speechless. Since it has to do with his wife, we thought we should not come between them. 

Tayo was fuming with anger. When his eyes met mine, he sunk in the couch and kept quiet for a while. Then the wife sparked up his anger again. This time, Tayo said to his wife:

Before I lose my mind, pack….

Then, a calm came into her phone. Tayo went mute. The call was from Elly's dad. Tayo's father-in-law. 

How are you dear daughter? 

We could hear the conversation between father and daughter. 

I sent $80,000 to your account. Kindly give $55, 000 to your husband for the business we discussed and keep the rest. 

He continued:

Also, I shipped two utility vehicles to you. One would be for your husband and the other for you. I will be seeing you all in December, during the Christmas reunion party.

The call ended and there was silence everywhere. But Elly wanted to hear what Tayo was about to say before the call came in. So, she continued. 

What were you going to say?

Elly said, with a tiny voice, expecting Tayo to give a response. He went close to her and said:

Pack your dirty clothes into the washing machine, I will be cleaning them up after the meeting. 

We all sighed a laugh under our bellies as both of them embraced each other. 

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This is true...I remember a song sang in church on Sunday Title we need each other

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