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Unknown Soldier

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A week after his wedding to the love of his life, Anthony a soldier with the army of Bunny Republic was sent on a peace-keeping mission on the Island of Yally, an island filled with pirates who had been recently razed by the airforce. Shally his wife was so devastated by his enlistment. It was barely a week after their wedding, why didn't the army consider this before they added him to the list.

On the island of Yally, Gecko the leader of the pirates was angry at his boys for been ostracized by the airforce and recording scores of casualties. He shot at them sporadically without looking back. Gecko and his boys had made life a misery to dwellers of the island as invaders would always come back to claim what was taken from them by force and crook.

In one of their raids, a common football fell off their loot and was picked up by Jacinta's younger brother, Melu. The only surviving shooter of Gecko went on a rampage shooting at him, he even pursued him to their home threatening to raze the building if Jacinta refuse to produce Melu.

At the count of ten, if you don't produce the football and that little rat, your heads will roll.

This was the height of impunity exhibited by Gecko without any reprimand. Since the government of Bunny has discovered that many of the high sea lootings were carried out by pirates dwelling on the island, several military missions have been deployed to the place without any form of serious annihilation of the pirates, they always survived.

Jacinta went to visit Gecko to talk him out of the mission to use the young boys as bait for the soldiers but she met a brick wall.

You have grown too big to talk to me after I protected your brother and even give you booties from the spoils of war.

Tomorrow, Melu will join the other young men on the battlefield.

It's already a sour case since Melu will be conscripted among Gecko's men. Jacinta will not run away, never. She is such a hardwood.

That evening, as she went out to get something to eat in the shops on the adjoining streets, some hoodlums waylaid her, trying to harass her but some peace-keeping soldiers came to her rescue. Because she was keeping too late, Melu began to rbi something very awkward had happened to her. As it began to rain that night, Melu already giving up but dares not go out in search of her.

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Just then, she banged on the door. With fright of whom it was, Melu opened and it was Jacinta. No one knew that Anthony was following on her to see where she lives. As he trailed her, Gecko was following and he ventured into Jacinta's apartment, the ambush fired at them killing all soldiers. Several hours after the amusement and shootings, Jacinta found one of the soldiers still breathing and took care of him. He so deep in a coma.

Back in Bunny, it was registered that all soldiers sent to the island have been wiped out. Whereas Anthony was recovering on Jacinta's bed like forever. A state burial was held in honour of the forgone heroes.

As he recovered from the coma, he had forgotten everything. Anthony could not remember where he came from or what he ever did.

Shall I was left devasted but when Anthony's friend in the army who was responsible for the enlistment of Anthony on the mission came, he played the roles of a husband and beyond. Before you knew it, Shally had forgotten about Anthony. As far as she is concerned, Anthony is dead and gone, life continues.

Anthony began to heal up but his memory never came back. Both fell in love and stocked together in another world. Gecko never came back alive after the last hijacking mission.

When Melu found out that Jacinta was falling love with Anthony, he went mad at first but cool off when Anthony promised to fair in the relationship. Anthony and Jacinta got married and live happily ever after.

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Written by   84
4 weeks ago
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