Tears and Rain

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Juddie woke up to a long chat from Edward. It made her look insane. Each one of the supposed lines of the love letter pierced through her heart, causing her to experience some kind of ache that never had happened to her before. 

Edward had promised to come with his kindred to knock at their door, seeking her hand in marriage. In the last thirty-five years of her life, that has been her dream. With Edward in the picture, this dream was coming to reality. 

How would he then turn back to write such a disheartening letter? She first felt like she wanted the one reading the letter. She stood from her bed and walked to the mirror by her bedside and observed if for real she was on earth. 

Lightning and flash of light from the clouds started to wriggle, threatening a heavy downpour. It is going to be a lonely night for poor Juddie. Else, she would have opted to either go to Edward or asked him to drive down to her abode to spend the cold night. Now, all that is gone, she is just going to be here, looking like someone who has been captured in the web or snare of his enemy's camp. 

First, the wind began to blow through the curtains and push forth the big frame hanging on the wall. Despite the cold,  she still felt some sort of hotness on her head. 

A tiny beginning of the winds, 

Stretches to the back of neck,

Touching every hot part,

Caressing it gently, 

With her yes still bulging,

The wind moaned through her pina,

Making juggle the pillow, 

For getting that she had any pain,

The jilt that tore apart,

Losing her sense of being human,

Now gone with the winds. 

She did not feel the easiness,

The calm weather swept off her fears,

And the natural smoothness came over her,

She slept with tears in her eyes,

Over their in fantasy land she wept,

Her golden ring fell into a ditch,

All effort to take it back,

The reef had tons of scorpions,

Down there like a war,

Leaving the treasure to the scorpion. 

A few steps away from the ditch,

Juddie took a back look to see,

The pendant she held so dear to heart,

Now in the camp of scorpions,

There must be a way out,

Crude or force,

She made to take the next big step,

Another ravaging thought crossed,

What if it was not meant to be?

It could be disastrous to go back,

But her heart was made up,

To take it back from the scorpions. 

It was a long night for the poor lady. She woke up and felt a little lighter. All her pain was gone. At least, she remembered that Edward had called it quits. Something struck her mind. It was the pendant that was missing, the one that fell off her hand. She did not surrender it willfully, so she still could get it back. 

Straight to the kitchen, she went. She prepared breakfast, ate to her fill then took her bath. Her mind is made up. She would not give up on Edward. Their proposed union was meant to be, she said to herself reassuringly. 

Since it was Saturday, she knew where he would be. Straight to the gym, she went and saw Edward in the arms of a strange lady.  

Is she the reason why Edward want to call it quit?

Juddie just walked up to him  and said:

Excuse me Ed.

He appeared shocked. Without looking elsewhere, he said to her?

What are you doing here?

I came to get what rightfully belongs to me.

And what's that?

Juddie looked at Edward in the eye and with all seriousness, she didn't mince th words

You are my lost gem. 

Edward was never gone. He just wanted to see how much she cared about their relationship. They both hugged tightly and made for the gym. 

Juddie asked that they leave immediately because she wanted to be with him all over again. Edward sheepishly followed her and off to her home, they went. 

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Topics: Romance, Dating, Goal, Feeling, Mindset, ...


The guy did too much. I dislike that kind of prank. I so much dislike heartbreak and it can make me fall sick. I think there are better ways the guy could know if she truly cared about the relationship. Nice story sha

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1 year ago

When I read the word rain my friend. The thing always in my mind it gives me comfort and happiness but if the rain is very strong it's not good to me already.

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1 year ago