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The world has become so terrible. So terrible that the human race has lost its self-worth in the hands of a few oligarchies. Now, we have many abnormalities and we get better with them. One may begin to think that there is no visible difference between humans and wildlife.

Take a look at the chaos between Ukraine and Russia. Is there any need for this tussle? Must everything be about competition? Competition has led us to many things that we ought not to hear about. Local and international politics have deprived man of the necessary growth the world should have experienced now. 

A cue from the world economic behaviour, it can only be deduced that several human factors had always resulted into recession or inflation as the case may be. In Nigeria for instance. The elitist group would do everything to ensure that local products are not available in the markets so that they can finance the importation of the same product from overseas so that they could make profits and forget the welfare of the peasants and downtrodden. 

That has been the nature of the world from the medieval period. 

World Politics and Effects

The serious conflict that has resulted in the polarization of the world into two blocs, the east and west, how this socioeconomic theorem has made the world more hostile to the people, leaves a lot to behoove. 

The capitalist west, where individuals have the prerogative to own or run business enterprise has become or created the largest slums in world record. 

As beautiful France, USA, Britain and some other western economies could be on the inside, a lot of hungry people or destitute still exist there. 

During the first and second world wars, when nations are seeking allies from Africa and part of Asia, and where re-groupings were being carried out massively, what were the world leaders thinking? Was there no way they could kill ego and allow peace reign? The aftermath of these wars and some many other intra-national wars have created a wide gap in the human race.

In Africa, ethnic wars are still being fought. In Congo, the Hutu and Tutsi tribes have not resolved or reached a common ground for a peaceful co-existence which whether we agree or not has come to stay among the human-teeming population. We shall continue to share common boundaries. Trade must continue too. This is so because no nation is truly independent as they depend on one another for sustainability. 

There is no nation in the world that can sustain itself. For food, fuel, machines, human capital and whatnot, we still depend on one another. 

Leaders And Mindset

The mindset of world leaders and even leaders and the local level must begin to change. 

Leadership is about service and not a source of self-enrichment as it were. I think that in the process of choosing who leads an organization or a public office, the electorates must consider merit and not ethnicity or religion to choose who leads them. 

International organizations like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the United Nations and many more organizations should be concerned about how nations under their coverage are being managed. Taking a much closer look at the activities of these international organizations, one could resolve that they are just mere figureheads, toothless barking bulldogs. They would always put up laws they can not push or punish offenders for. It is quite very dangerous to see that these organizations are lacking the responsibility they ought to deliver to the people. 

I wish I could be president of our dead nation. I wish I could handle a position of authority to change what does not smell right. 

People with the desire to break the wide gap in the pyramid of social stratification should be allowed to play leadership roles rather than those who just want to be in office because they think they are due for it because of their economic power. 

I would rather that wealthy people are not allowed to rule because they do not know the yearnings of the poor. 

The poor people are finding it difficult to even understand their political and social rights during the period when they are posed with the grace to choose who will rule them. Their conscience is bought with stipend, in the end, they suffer their pain all over again. 

If leadership is unable to put food on the table of the peasant, then it has failed. When security of lives and property is farfetched, then leadership has failed. The search for quality education, health care delivery and infrastructural facilities is on a decline, take it as the irresponsibility of leadership. 

Until third world countries and her citizens, I mean the downtrodden, come to the understanding that these dividends of leadership are their rights, they may continue to wallow in penury. 

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