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Charity begins at home. Isn't it how it is said? Yes, it does. Charity is a homegrown trait. When you find a child who can sell his ot her eyeballs only to satisfy their neighbors, go child out of the home he or she comes from. Thethe home is where education begins. That's the place a child learns some of the first lessons of life. The time front must be safe, friendly, and warm enough to breed a child to become a good ambassador of the family.

Aminat's mum had been very sick, sick to the point of death and her father has no means to take her to the local clinic. The advice of one herb or the other from friends and neighbors proved abortive as Mama Aminat's health condition grew worse. The only option now is to consult medical attention at the local clinic even though he had no money. When they got to the clinic, she was diagnosed with appendicitis and it demands an urgent surgical operation. But since he had no money, he decided to apply for a loan from the village farmers thrift society.

Rabi was a regular visitor to Amukoko village, helping people to take their wards to work as house helps in the city. Since she could help, Aminat's father requested that Rabi takes her to the city where she would be employed as a house help and whatever salary is due to her will be paid to her parents. What was needed here was immediate money and not some kind of monthly allowance?

So, Baba Aminat told Rabi the predicament of his wife and his urgent he needs a sum of $500 to settle the medical bills. Rabi took I tome accepting to settle the bills on the condition that the one year salary allowance due to Aminat would be given to her. With much ado, Baba Aminat accepted the offer as Aminat was taken to the with by Rabi. Aminat's mum was never aware such negotiation was ongoing over Aminat, she wouldn't have consented to it. She had never supported child labour, she said contentment is a great gain than seeking wealth through such means.

When Aminat arrived the city with Rabi, they were so many other young girls, dressed with skimpy clothes selling their bodies to prospective hungry vultures as men.

This wasn't what she was told when she accepted to come to city. Prostitution was never a place for girls like.

A week after she had gotten to the girls camp, Rabi arrange a cubicle in the name of a room for her, where men who want to quench their sexual urge will come in to her after paying to Rabi. Another height of slaver you'd say.

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In the first night of resuming her cubicle, a drunk man came in to lay, she felt so disgusting that she ran out. She has never had such an experience, she wouldn't do it now.

Other girls started laughing at her.

Village girl

Atutu poyoyo

All sort of names they called her but Aminat had resolved she wasn't going to allow any man lay her out of wedlock. That night she confronted Rabi telling her she rather die than allow a man she is not joined to in matrimony climb on her.

After much threats, Aminat still refused to yield.

The matter went deep into the night as other girls were amazed at the guts this little village girl had to confront their madam, Rabi.

Other girls started to leave to their respective rooms one after another, Aminat also did.

While everyone was still asleep, Aminat woke up in the middle and jumped out through the window in a bid to escape from this slave camp. Immediately as she landed outside madam Rabi's compound, dogs began to bark from a close distance but she remained adamant and kept walking the dark street. Suddenly a vehicle with headlamp approached her, the police.

What's this little girl doing out here in this ungodly hour of the night.

She was picked up and taken to the station where she narrated her experience.

The next morning, Rabi girls camp was raided. Many girls who had left home with the intention of becoming house helps had resorted into forceful prostitution.

Parents should take responsibility of their children and never leave them in the hand of strangers.

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Written by   92
1 month ago
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True. What's their job if they don't take care if their children? Hmm

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1 month ago

A lot of girls are been deceived with the opportunity to work or live abroad, they only get there to discover that they were brought there to be used as sex traders.

Every parent must be careful with the decision we make with our kids.

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1 month ago

Parenting should take a new form else everything about the care of the child from infant to adulthood may be destroyed overnight.

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1 month ago

That's true, one wrong decision can destroy everything one has built.

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1 month ago