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1 month ago

I found Mariam six months ago, when my life was shattered by an ex-girlfriend, I thought I have seen an angel from the seventh heaven, little did I know I was just bumping into another level of heartbreak.

In a single and married program organized by the House of the rock church in Ikoyi-Lagos, as we sat close to the choir seats, listening to the life experience of Pastor Monike on the issue of choosing the will of God for us in marriage, I sighted Mariam at the tenor site among other choristers. Our eyes caught but I was too timid to see her after the church program. You know, in such places, you can only prove your holiness by staying away from any kind of unholy relationship.

Weeks later, I sat under the almond tree facing the Lagos lagoon to the other side of the civic center. Lost in thought of how Amaka disappointed me, the smell of a cool perfume tickled my sense. As I looked back, an angelic being, tall, slim and beautiful. The Mariam as I would get to know later lives just the doors from my residence. How come I never knew all this while. I summoned the courage to walk up to him. She didn't pretend to know me.

The guy at the church, right? She asked.

Yeah. Am Jerry. Been longing to find you.

I wasn't lost, buddy. Always been around. Do you live around?

Yes. Here.

You mean you live in the house.

Yes, my uncle owns it. I came in after my service year.

Wow. I was born here. I have lived my life here. She replied.

I can't tell how it happened that first day. All I can say was she sat by me all through the evening enjoying the gift of nature across the Lagos lagoon as thoughts about Amaka vanished from my memory. Not completely though. Marian broke the silence:

Would you eat dinner with me?

I never expected that.

Yeah, what's for dinner? I queried.

Amala and vegetable stew. She chuckled.

It has been a long I ate food cooked by a woman. I will gladly love to eat dinner with you. I said without any aorta of shame.

When I entered their house, it was so deserted except for the guard at the gate. She made me sit in the living room. It was a comfort. I started to think she isn't the daughter of the owner of this castle. Maybe she is the house help.

The table is set, Jerry. She whispered from a close distance and with some kind of tone I have only heard in cartoon movies.

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I stood and walked behind her as she led the way to the dining. It was one of the best meals I have had, till now.

No one seem to be at home, I asked Mariam. Yeah. Mom and Dad have done to Berlin for our church annual convention that will last two weeks. And all my siblings are in boarding school.

Alright. How would you cope staying all to yourself here? She said she was used to it.

At this point, I haven't mentioned how I feel about her. Confusion sets in as the body language indicated she was expecting that I shoot but I dare not. After dinner, I asked to take my leave after exchanging phone contacts.

At the gates, we bid each other good night as she turned and walked away. I was fulfilled that I finally get to seat and eat and chat with my dream woman. As I was approaching our gate, my phone rang and it was Mariam calling, I gladly picked.

Can you sleepover at my place? She asked

I am just a small boy trying to survive and my uncle will never accept such. So, I told her I will call her back in few minutes. Since it was a Friday, I lies ro my Pune I was going to attend a youth vigil program. He accepted but offered to drop me at the church premises. I wasn't comfortable with this new idea because there was actually no program anywhere.

Somfriendsnd will be going with me and we are to meet by Falomo under the r bridge. I told a lie again.

Alright. Just ensure you are safe, my uncle retorted.

With excitement hidden under my skin, sent a text message to Mariam.

I will be there by 9 o'clock.

I didn't want to raise any suspicion with my uncle because he may rescind his earlier decision and ask me to stay back. Calmly, I had dinner (even though I was already filled with the Amala I ate at Mariam's), the had a shower.

By 9:00, I took my sweatshirt, my very clean Bible and bid my uncle good night. He was already dozing off. I walked out of our compound to the adjoining road but instead of turning left to Mariam's place I turned right like I was going to Falomo just to wade off any eyes watching where I was going. After a walk of about five minutes, I returned to my right path by asking Mariam to come downstairs so the gateman doesn't make any unnecessary hullabaloo to raise awareness within the neighbourhood.

She was right there at the gate waiting for me on a very colourful nightgown. My head sparked at the sight of her. Then, I followed sheepishly to the main building. Waiting for Mariam to make the first move that never came.

At this point, several thoughts started bombarding my mind. She broke the silence and requested if I would take a drink. She served it in two different cups then sat next to me. Then we began to talk. She spoke of how she developed nymphomaniac at a tender age from watching and reading romantic movies and novels. And now she can't go a day without sex.

Wow. I thought I may be in trouble if we start this but decided to give it a try. As I sip away from the cup, I felt dizzy. This isn't sleep, maybe this drink is drugged or something. Before I could say Jack, Mariam pounced on me like a wild lion with a heavy kiss and wet lips. She made love to me all night as I was too weak ro resist her from the dizziness of the drink I had. Rounds upon rounds. At first, it was enjoyable but later it became like some sort of punishment.

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I didn't know when we both slept off naked on the bed only to wake up by 8:00 am with the heavy rays of sunlight cutting through the window blinds. I quickly rushed to the gents eased my self and wore my clothes. As I made for the door, there is was standing before me all naked, presumably wanting to start another round of sex but I told her if want to see more of me, she would have to make me leave.

With thi,,,s she calmed.

Then I walked home with my Bible in hand. Later on the day, I called Mariam but she wasn't taking my calls. It has been over a week, I have neither set my eyes on her nor has she returned my calls.

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Written by   93
1 month ago
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