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Keeping Your Crypto Wallets From Hackers

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2 months ago

An ugly case of cyber fraud was reported today. It happened to one of my pals and ever since, we have been sober, I have been sober and cautious about how I handle my crypto currency wallets.

In recent times, there has been a spike in cybercrimes against unsuspecting innocent cryptocurrency holders. This act is becoming a trend and many young people, even older ones are taking training only to be able to break into some else's privacy. This is the reason to be very careful, following every step-by-step approach to securing our crypto wallets or banks.

The layman may find it difficult to secure his wallets or crypto bank from intruders because of the many languages involved in the process. This post should be able to assist in no small measure on how to secure one's crypto wallet. Hence, the following steps could be of help:

Cold Wallet (Offline Wallet)

This is a kind of wallet that does not require the internet to keep your crypto. As a result, it will be useful to users in such a way that one would not need the internet to access the wallet. However, caution is needed in handling the device where the crypto or token are kept.

Unknown Links

Clicking on unknown links or links from people you do not have a close affinity with could break into your privacy. As such, one should steer clear from any link that is flowing all over the blockchain or other domain. The point here is that some links are designed to find routes into encrypted portfolios belonging to unsuspecting blockchain users. Some have lost their hard-earned token as a result of clicking those links.

Encrypt Your Wallets

From the level of your android phone to other devices that you use in keeping stock of your tokens, there should be a firewall front page lock before delving into the core of such devices to keep it away from hackers. By so doing, you are one step ahead of the marauders who have filled the blockchain looking for whom to devour.

Multiple Wallets

Keeping multiple wallets is another way to get heartbroken. The more we discover and learn new trends in cyber-security, the more hackers and scammers makes research on how to break through the walls of our heavily guarded wallets. So, keeping more than one wallet will help us not to lose all we have gathered in one hit.

Strong Password

This is one way to also keep your wallets secured. Using passwords that are familiar with your name, date of birth and whatnot is the easiest way to break into your privacy, be it email, wallets, and so on. So, it is advisable to use a strong password that is usually advised by blogging sites and crypto banks to include alpha-numeric items in securing what we hold next to our hearts.

Wrapping Up

Every day, new things or discoveries or expository are made in cyber security. We should keep up with the emerging trend in cyber security. That will keep you ahead of hackers as much as possible.


There are tens of exchanging sites that have an insight into individual wallets, especially of those who might have made transactions with their sites. Hence, we should shun jumping on any sites for exchanges because there may be a boomerang if the site is not trusted in the long run.

Back Up

Doing a step-by-step backup of your wallet is one way to recover it from the sting of hackers. Some wallets even go to the extent in ensuring that this is done so as not lose your treasures to hackers.

These aforementioned steps will no doubt be of great help in securing your crypto wallets or banks.

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Written by   164
2 months ago
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I am only using two paswords in all of my account and I relly find it dangerous and prone to hackers. I was thinking to chnage it but I am afraid thay I migjt forget it.

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2 months ago

It's the best thing to do, safeguarding our wallets at all costs and avoiding clicking any links especially the unknown ones.

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2 months ago

The rate at which hackers are having a filled's becoming scary. So many Phishing sites that we need to be careful about. The moment we see any URL without a padlock sign before the URL on our browser, we should run away and not insert any personal details there. God will help us all.

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2 months ago

This article is true and we really need to be careful about our crypto wallet.

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2 months ago

Que tristesa tan grande daría que después de tanto trabajo para hacer unas criptos nos jaqueen la cartera. Si es a mi me da y no se me quita. Mira que lo que tengo es poco pero es para comer mis hijos. Por evitar esto siempre pongo contraseñas complicadas.

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2 months ago