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It's Our World After All

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2 months ago

A look is deceitful,

A closer gaze can paralyze,

This much we looked,

Through the thick-skinned metal,

Hoping to see the other side of life,

Little did we know that there is no other,

Except for this one that we share,

Move-in parallel like a herd,

Grazing in an open field of corn,

That farmland owned by the peasant,

Whose heart is buried there,

Fighting temptations to sell it off. 

A deep look at another man's yard,

Open the doors to covetousness,

Men begin to look for a way,

Women had to creep in,

To take their share of the loot,

In the cornfield owned by the peasant,

Where the hope of the community lies,

That one day it will dawn,

The corn would go around everyone,

It was not meant to be,

The mighty have taken the backdoor,

Finding their homes with the national treasury. 

Our hearts are buried in wickedness,

Who can know the intent of the mind,

One that laughs in the open,

But stabs from behind,

Tearing another man's world apart,

With so much lax and crude,

With our hands and minds,

Turned this world into a war zone,

With bullets of evil frying up and down,

Stray evil with anyone it meets,

Becoming the victims of uncircumcised thoughts,

Creating more vulnerability in the land. 

Our land flows with honey,

Milk is everywhere and seen,

But how come it does not go around,

A simple truth needs to be told,

A few men have plundered our commonwealth,

From time yet unknown,

Our world has been greeted with these lies,

That the future belongs to the young,

Yet the old refuse to let go,

This is what we now think of,

That the ugly one refuses to die,

And the beautiful ones refuse to be born. 

The truth about our living conditions is that everything can go around but we are naturally selfish. Fighting ourselves over ephemeral things. Believe it now, you will see become as free as a bird. Our nations and the leadership therein are mostly about what they benefit as individuals. 

What can benefit the whole world, or nation, or community, is just there, staring at us and holding the rod of implementation but we have refused to lower this sway, rather we lust for what is meant for the other. 

With our hands, we have made this life become a tug of war. When did we become so impatient? When did it become so bad that humanity is thought of as a second fiddle? When are we going to go back to reset, back to the status quo? 

In all the streets of the world, humans have been turned into beggars, arresting their hopes and making them see that life is not worth living. Until we make everyone happy, it will continue to be a world of chaos and crisis, like what is currently happening. 

It is time we desist from playing politics with human life. Our leaders or public officeholders should do their best to bridge the gap between the poor and the wealthy. That's the only time when we get a better life, when we are happy and others are too. 

Government should become responsible to the people as much as the people are responsible to the people by observing their obligations to the state. 

When the basic things of life go round, chaos is reduced to the minimal point. This is the world that we own, let us make it a home for all. It begins with you.

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Written by   241
2 months ago
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