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2 months ago
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Growing up was not much fun for me. Those times were crazy when compared with the trends of today. Many of my engagements, and if not mistaken, were restricted, I mean censored, like many African children (not all) faced the same fate with their parents. There is a lot of stuff we mustn't be found doing. One of such is to play football. I was practically censored from playing football. Unlike nowadays, parents would take their kids to the football pitch with kits and make them play football mostly during weekends under an academy or peers.

This is nicely one of our many experiences growing up. I still cherished those moments even though it looked like we were caged, they were good grounds to breed leaders like us for this generation. The unfortunate truth is that parenting in this our time has suffered a big blow. Parents now give liberty to their wards because of new laws that would in no way better the lot of everyone.

Our government makes too many laws and break all. These laws are meant only for those who have no economic, political or social powers.

The music we listened to are no more censored. The movies we watch are no longer censored. The prohibition theories like PG~ Parental Guidance that is meant to checkmate who watches or who does not does not hold sway in many homes anymore.

There were too many restrictions. You will hear some of the funny things that wouldn't make complete sense.

Don't Wash Your Hands While it Rains. ?

I perceive someone is laughing reading this. Yeah. I had this censorship too. It was believed then that when it rains and the thunder strikes, whoever is washing his hands may become handicapped. I feared the consequence then I accepted the myth. It was a censor that I later trivialized as time went on.

Musicians Are Failures. ?

I bet you can say that in this generation. I could recollect vividly that while I was in senior secondary school, I had a hardcover book where I wrote songs (my songs) but that must not come to the knowledge of my parents.

The rate of decency that was practiced then, made it crystal clear to stay off some careers, attitudes, or lifestyles. Those were days where censorship held sway in the community.

Nowadays, the level of censorship has changed over time. Things that children are made to be scared of them are seen as the new normal.

Let's not all go to sleep over some issues that need to be censored.

Every child, young and old, play a role in the larger society. Whatever needs to be restricted should not be toyed with.

We should all act well our parts and make our world, a place where living would be comfortable. It's behind with you.

Harry Potter

What message was the director and filmmaker that produced the world classed and cherished series, Harry Potter tries to pass across? What place does witchcraft, magic and some sort of supernatural powers have in this present age of scientific invention, which has skyrocketed to a level that the world now relies on?

Harry Potter

Perhaps, many other videos~ classic or legendary does not have a place in checking development in human, career and another sphere should have been censored before they are released to the public domain.

Prison Break

Aside from the intrigue, suspense, and show of betrayal that comes with this seasonal film, isn't it worth it that the censorship board of Hollywood censor it? What picture do you think viewers will profit from the screen? To learn to break from prison?

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It appears finally to me that the most law breakers are those who made them. The legislators make the law, only for the poor. Censorship ban is placed on the activities of the poor filmmaker not on the politically inclined or royal families around the globe.

Who is censoring who?

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Written by   164
2 months ago
Topics: Media, Law, Mindfulness, Learn, Politics, ...
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I was so suprised by the rain something part. We really do have our own individual beliefs 🤗.

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2 months ago

I read all these things and they seem like a lie, you can see that these things happened not so long ago because you look like a young man. in my childhood when it rained we used to run all over the countryside and jumped in the puddles like crazy with happiness.

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2 months ago