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1 month ago

Everything and possibly anything we do remains with the confines of this wall. If anyone of you dares open up our can of worms in the public, his head will roll. Everyone for each one is our slogan from the heroes past who had set the pace on which we moved today, so shall be it world without end. Awoo!!!

First year students moving, some running in and out of the lecture halls. With new designer clothes and shoes and expensive mobile phones, taking snapshots and doing other stuffs explaining their anxiety, probably at their admission into the university. Some of the guys hanging around the casted chairs spying at some random girls and now the way they wag their backsides, sizing and making comments in what their eyes caught.

As this newbies are busy making their presence known, different groups too are studying the process and making new entrants into their groups.

Capone Blackfly was orienting the new initiates into the brotherhood, Hellzy. Hellzy is a secret society in universities around the world seeking to take control of campus politics, protecting members from the influences of other societies on campus, and keeping the sweetest babes on campus as girlfriends.

As a new initiate, you are to keep your identity secret until you are in your third year at the university. Any initiate whose identity is revealed will be excommunicated and referred to u known soldiers. This is to aid the new initiate in the ability to act as an informant to senior ranking members of the society about the activities of other secret societies on campus.

Daniels, a 100 level student studying zoology was one of the newly initiated members of the society. They meet only once a semester and meetings are held far away from the campus. As a handsome-looking guy, he was the choice of many campus babes, as the flock around him was like bees on honeycomb.

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After his 1st semester exams, he traveled back home to spend some time with his parents. There he met some of his classmates who were also back home from their different campuses. As usual, they begin to brag about what they have been doing on their campuses.

Obinna started bragging how two different secret societies gave him a hot chase to become a member and how he had bluntly refused to concede to accepting any of the two. He said,

I would rather join a Christian campus fellowship.

From the way Obinna had spoken, he doesn't sound convincing enough. Daniels started feeling like there is something about him that he needs to find out. So, after the hangout, he decided to go visiting Obinna.

On the day of the visit, Obinna was home alone, smoking weed 🌿 behind their house since no one was around. There, Daniel perceived the odor and knew very well that Obinna has something to tell for real.

Yet, Obinna refused to reveal his identity to Daniels. After the visit, he went back home and never saw Obinna until he returned to school.

During the short holidays, a rival secret society had attacked the leaders of Hellzy, dropped two of the men as casualties. They were final year students and Capone won't allow that they ate murdered just like that. So, an emergency squad had to be raised to launch a reprisal attack on the other society, five states away. Failure to perfect the task is imminent death for any member who is conscripted in the emergency squad.

First, twenty men, a mixture of fresh and stale students in Hellz were selected as the squad to be trained and retrained on how to handle fire arms. Daniels was catching up with the training real fast.

They set out on the mission to the University of Obudu where the mission was to be carried out. They designed a strategy to launch the attack. It was aimed to be a brutal attack.

The leader of the squad, Lahlah slated Daniels as the sharpshooter, to be guarded by four other men and the escape route was robe through the south gate of the university gate.

As the team approach their target, Daniels could not believe his eyes. His childhood friend Obinna was the target. He wasn't going to pull the trigger. Not on Obinna.

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Immediately, he negotiated a sharp bend and escaped from the scene. Obinna escaped death that because his friend would not pull the trigger on him.

Since the incident, Daniels has been running from one place to the other trying to an oud been killed by the Hellzy death squad.

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This has been the fate of many youths across the globe today who find it difficult to take positive decisions when it matters and accepting self-destructive ventures instead like Obinna and Daniels.

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Written by   88
1 month ago
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The issue of cultism is becoming something else in the country and these guys don't have regard for life anymore, too bad Daniel has to live his life running and hiding for not killing his friend.

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1 month ago

I wonder what youth finds in stuff like this. They ruin their lives with the wrong decision they ever made in life. Joining Cultism is bad and dangerous.

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1 month ago