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A Closer Walk With Nature

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6 months ago

Recently, I encountered another mind-blogging experience in nature. I just relocated from a supposed urban community to a developing community. Now everything seems strange but enticing. 

On the first night in this new environment, the freshness of the air does not warrant the use of a fan or air conditioner. It was my first experience sleeping with a natural breeze and I can tell that it is quite soothing. 

Waking up the next morning, I met a foggy atmosphere. That seemed unusual. What I am used to is that during the dry season, or the period of harmattan in Nigeria, is when we experience the fog but now, I have entered another season entirely. Inbound give it a name..

From this end, the nearness to the sunrise looks quite amazing. Early in the morning from my bed, I could see the sun rising from the earth crust. It speaks volume to my soul and preaches a natural doctrine of Slow and steady win the race.

I have always wanted to see the brightness of the sun in the early hours of the day but the sky-high buildings in the city have deprived me. I may have to stretch my neck or move to a place where we have bungalows to have a view of the rising sun, but now, all that is gone. From the comfort of my bedroom, the sun rises and I feel the warmth that produces vitamin K. 

Before we moved in, I tried different crops in the premises to see which kind of crop best suited the place. So, I had to plant pumpkin, yam seedlings, plantain sucker, coconut and palm front. 

Guess What Happened?

They all died. None of the crops I planted could germinate. They couldn't survive the soil acidity. But I did not give up. Some soil samples were taken and they tested good enough for planting. I wanted to have a new place where all needed spices and food crops would be easily accessed and I did everything right to ensure it worked but this outcome is a clarion call that I needed to do more. 

The Search

I considered a lot of medals on how to improve the soil and to find out what actually causes the non-germination of the crops. Then, I found out that it is the heavy presence of one stubborn species of elephant grass. 

At this point, I found that the root of the elephant grass is lurking under the earth and sniffing out other plants. Nature is just too amazing, the closer you get to nature, the more knowledge you are liable to get.

To control weeds, I had to apply some herbicides. In a space of four months, the elephants' grasses were gone but surprisingly, the land did not become empty, another species of grasses started sprouting.

The new occupants of the land aren't stubborn at all. With one drag, they will be completely uprooted. The indication now is that I am ready to plant and see my crops terminate. 

Another Try

I had to try the crops all over again and they came forth flourishing with dark green pigment, showing that the land is fertile and the sun is good here. 

As we settled down, more clusters of mushroom was discovered. That beats our imagination, living in this isolated place now looks like an advantage than we have ever thought it.

While we are still celebrating the discovery of mushrooms, another scene ce to our knowledge. A local vegetable called Achara is just down the lane before the swamp. This vegetable is popular among eastern Nigerians.

Green life as food and opening a space for natural relaxation is one gift that the human race should look down on. Before now, it would have had any meaning to me if someone else had written this, but I know better. Nature is the best gift that man ever received.

All images used in this post are mine.

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Written by   242
6 months ago
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The same thing happened to me, two years ago there was such a terrible drought in Venezuela that it killed all my lemon and avocado plants.

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6 months ago

It's really sad when one puts in the effort to do things and then no result comes up. I'm glad you were able to find the problem and tried again. A good lesson learnt there

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6 months ago

Nature always has its own great attractions due to the softness , closer to our soul and Hale the stresses. Spending time in nature is big source of defusing the anxiety , disorders , sadness and mental illness. A good walk seems with greenish snapshots.

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6 months ago