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How is it like to be a child of a teacher

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1 year ago

We all know that teacher is one of the heroes in this modern world.Every year we celebrate Teacher's day to acknowledge there hard work for teaching us.

I have this story,i heard this story from one of my teacher when i was in Grade 1.

One day 5 people died,they have thier own work the there is doctor,soldier,business man,nurse,and the last one is teacher.

God ask them one by one,he ask first the doctor "what is the biggest thing you have done in your work?" The doctor replied "I help many people who got sickness or accident".God gave him a simple gift for that.

Then God ask the soldier "what is the biggest thing you have done in your work?" The soldier replied "i protect my country and felloe citizen.God gave him a simple gift for that.

God ask the nurse "what is the biggest thing you have done in your work?" The nurse replied "i take care of my patients and keep them motivated everyday.God gave her a simple for it

God ask the business man "what is the biggest thing you have done in your work" The business man answered "i am the one who produce products for our community".God gave him a simple gift for it

The last one is the teacher God ask her "what is the biggest thing you have done in your work?" The teacher replied " I teach children".God gave the teacher a very special gift for it.

The other 4 person said "why are you giving her a special gift if she just teach a child".Then God replied "who teach you to be a good doctor?Is it a teacher right.Who teach you to be a soldier is it a teacher right?Who thought you how to build a business?Is it a teacher right?Who teach you to be a nurse?Is it a teacher right? We think that our work is more higher than a teacher,but teacher is the roots of all they teach you how to do your work and how to be a succesfull"

Okey lets go back to the main topic of this.

I admit sometimes i said to my mind that " i hope my mother is not a teacher".I feel jealous to my classmates because there mother is always there to review them everytime there is a quiz.They have thier parents in a classroom meeting,and they can go to the other parts of the world with there mother every vacation.

When i was a child my mother is only on the a low class/rank in teaching thats why she really do her best to be promoted and that time she is also having her Doctorate Degree.She is always in school and she dont have time to us.Sometimes she get me to the school but she is always busy teaching (when i am super little child).Sometimes i just plat outside her classroom alone,and sometimes i meet some friends to play.

When i grow up (7-10) i started to just stay at home and i watch tv and plat with our neighbor,this is my routine every week end.Yeah it so sad to review alone.It is more sad if you dont have a parents every meeting in a classroom.

But those jealousy in my mind the sadness that is in my heart all of them ate worth it.My mother graduated her doctorate degree and got promoted.Our life changed because of that.Then my mother transferred into small school and her work become lesser and she has more time with us.

Sometimes in our life we need to sacrifice for our sake,but those sacrifice is so worth it.

Every valentines day,birthday of your teacher,teachers day or any occasion in school do you give your teacher chocolates or sweets?

Since my mother is a diabetic person she should not eat sweets,so we ended up eating them.😎

But for the gift we dont care anymore because that is my mothers things.

Those greeting cards you gave to your teacher to those plastic flowers,dont worry my mother keep it on a cabinet and that cabinet is now nearly to full.If there is a face to face classes this year maybe it is now full.

We all grow up different because of our parents work.We dont have the same idea because of our parents work.

I dont know if it is fun to be a child of a teacher but for me yes.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Proud education student here 🤗🤗. I strongly believe that teacher is the mother of all profession 🤗

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1 year ago

Parang ang angas pag may magulang kang teacher 😆. Kunyari may di ka gets sa isang subject tapos yun din ang tinuturo nya, may libreng tutor kana hahhaa

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1 year ago

Haha kaya nga po ehh....kaso lagi naman busy😆

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1 year ago