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The Essence of Gift Giving

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4 months ago

*Christmas is always the best time of the year despite what we've been through this 2020 and while browsing videos on *youtube and even lbry, mostly what I've seen are the thoughts of gift-giving which is what we usually do.

One famous vlogger in the Philippines had given the latest iPhones to her siblings and she indeed mentioned it was too expensive.

Knowing that gadget would always depreciate its value, so got me thinking deeply, hmmm am I going to give my siblings iPhones too? Am I going to buy them things that they could use only for short term goal or I would rather have a long term plan as a gift?

Unfortunately, I am not so fond of gadgets being on trends as I am content with my iPhone 8 which I managed to buy last year for business purposes. ihope we would always bear in mind that the essence of gift-giving especially during

Christmas is not about the costs but it's really about the thought of giving!. As our global culture to give gifts during the holidays, let us be reminded that whether expensive or not, it's always the *thought that matters most!

Since I believe in giving myself first a Christmas present, I am fully convinced that this is by far the best gift I have so far.

*Philamlife Money Tree

*BDO Life Assurance

*IMG Membership

*Col Financial Equity and Mutual Funds

As for my Family in the Philippines especially my parents, *I have secured their HEALTH CARE through AIA Philam Life too so that when its time for them to have their medical check-up, they would be given the best treatment.

We have to consider Hospitalization in the Philippines is very costly so might as well prepare now, unlike here in Seychelles, medical and hospitalization is FREE.

Likewise, as for my sister with her Kaiser Health Care. ( I believe on diversification, the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket)

My brother who is just 15 years old has his Metrobank Junior Saver's Account. Teaching him at an early age to save!

So annually, the thought of setting aside a portion of my salary here makes me the happiest being able to *SECURE my FAMILY's Future either in terms of investment or health care and don't want to be like *LINDA! ( kilala mo ba si Linda or may kilala ka bang Linda or baka yung katabi mo si Linda)

As for our Sage Alexander, *since here in Seychelles, Health care and Education in the state school are FREE yet we're still setting aside an amount of money regularly for his future use.

So what about you guys, what's the best Christmas you have given to yourself and to your loved ones?

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Written by   211
4 months ago
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