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Expo Dubai2021: More Opportunities to Venture out in the Middle East

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3 months ago

It was an opportunity to be able to travel during these trying times yet the uncertainties of our existence give me more encouragement to see things from a broader perspective, just like how I describe, if you want to face your fears, shake them off, just TRAVEL.

Traveling to Abu Dhabi, an hour's drive from Dubai was a good opportunity to witness an extravaganza Opening Ceremony of Expo Dubai 2020 last September 30 around 8 am,

when we were given the invitation to watch it on a big screen from Radisson Blu hotel where we stayed, although we went to Dubai a week before the event,

I had a preconceived idea how a six- month Expo brings so many opportunities for people all around the globe.

  • Crypto and BlockChain Expo: What's in it for us Expats?

Among the highlights, I wanted to attend is the Crypto and Blockchain event. I managed to secure my FREE ticket entry when I registered earlier however due to unforeseen schedule at school, it is with a heavy heart not to attend the Expo at all, anyhow I still have five more months to go back and see how things would be when it is culminating, perhaps saving the best for last.

Looking forward that Dubai or Abu Dhabi would adopt crypto as a mode of payment hence through this Expo, sending money overseas will be easier and most of all cheaper. It is an exciting moment how the digitalization of money can bring so much impact to the world knowing that fiat is prone to inflation.

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As an investor, trader, and believer of Bitcoin Cash for an instance, it is with high hopes that a country especially the Middle East will now be opened to adopt cryptocurrency. From my point of view, the system of payment in the world needs overhauling because fiat when being converted to a particular currency weakens its monetary value.

Expo Dubai 2020 is an opportunity to be taken advantage of if you’re already in the Middle East or if you’re traveling from October 2021 until March 2022, just secure your pertinent travel documents and you’re good to go.

As from experience, it is still very safe to travel there, likewise, this is the time to showcase what each country can offer and what it can bring to the world so we could have an easier and more convenient means especially when sending money abroad and the hassles accompanied with Higher Transaction Fees is not practical at all.

Let me give you a real-life scenario especially if you’re based in Seychelles.

  • Application of Tourist Visa for Non-Seychellois is a Must!

I need to secure a tourist visa upon entry in Abu Dhabi or within the seven emirates in the UAE because here in Seychelles they don’t cater such application for a non-Seychellois.

The locals here have FREE ENTRY or Visa upon Arrival for 30 days. On the other hand, as for my case as I still have four more years to obtain my citizenship, it is mandated to secure a visa.

Thank God I managed to ask assistance from SteadFast Agency whereby Robbie Eslegue had been very helpful during the whole process of my application.

Our constant communication through WhatsApp assured me that their company is legit, affordable, fast, and reliable.

The huge disadvantage of paying my visa through Remittance Exchange from Seychelles boiled down to the highest transaction fee of $45 whereby a tiny fee of 500 AED or $132 for the application cost me 2523 SCR or $180. Sorting out other options, Paypal is not even applicable just yet. Not only there’s the limitation the fact that there’s a monopoly in terms of sending money.

Both of my banks declined my transaction for no apparent reason hence I was advised to go to Western Union, however the same as using Bitcoin while paying your purchases online for $20 with a transaction fee higher than $45 was insane. For some, it might not be a lot but multiple transactions with higher fees will never be a good option. If there’s a way where we could pay with a LOWER, CHEAPER, transaction fees, and faster enough, why won’t we adopt crypto especially Bitcoin Cash for more reliable transactions?

If you’re a smart investor, you would also consider how transaction fees can sink a big boat. Our Financial mentors said we also are keen on TF!

BITCOIN CASH Is my go-to-crypto when paying online. UTILITY is the KEY!

I have had multiple transactions from the past whereby Bitcoin Cash saved me from further mishaps of sending money overseas wherein I don’t need to think about transaction fees at all, a portion of a penny as what Roger Ver has described makes it more appealing to users.

Bitcoin Cash is just money when utilized the most can surely bring more impact to the world.

On the other hand with the blockchain event on October 13-15 in Dubai, I believe this is the beginning of a more borderless mode of payment and sending money all over the globe, anytime, anywhere even from the comfort of your home as long as you’re online.

  • What's the Rationale?

I have been exposed to the lifestyle and the customs of the Middle East for three years and the fact that I managed to survive the excruciating heat, SELF-DISCIPLINE is one of the biggest factors to balance your work and your side hustles.

Should you decide to invest in yourself by making most of the opportunities that are available in the Middle East just like the Expo that is going for six months, you got the best time of your life taking this chance to expose yourself of vast chances.

I used to believe that opportunities only knock once, heck when you're in the Arabian Peninsula, it's available 24/7, so what are you waiting for? Fly via Etihad or Emirates and grab your Free Ticket!

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Written by   317
3 months ago
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It's so great to attend that kind of expo. I mean, getting to know or to be given upportunity to know about crypto currency will have a huge impact not for expats only but to the people all over the world. Nice article BTW. I learned a lot.

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3 months ago

I haven't been to Dubai before so I don't know what it looks like but I would love to attend the cryptocurrency blockchain event it would have been so epic for me to acquire so much knowledge from those who are in the game longer than I have ot will of experience to me and an opportunity to meet and make more connections around the globe. So I would love to know what you have as a regret of not being there because all I have wished to those are my own regrets. And I would love to see more and better of your work next time.

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3 months ago

we are in the same page when it comes to not coming though we went for our two weeks holiday just so because my school holiday falls on September and crypto schedule was this month however I still have 5 more months to witness the finale thinking of going back during my 6 weeks holiday again this year. This is an opportunity of a lifetime whereby expats must look into consideration because sending money through remittance exchange sucks. Jeez HIGHER TRANSACTION FEES are not practical at all.

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3 months ago

Dubai expo gives way to excellent opportunities for all nationalities. Welcoming crypto currency will definitely be a new challenge for all expatriates

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3 months ago

right! cryptocurrency is an awesome opportunity for all people around the world thinking that it would give a more reliable money solution sending it without borders.

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3 months ago

Interesting content, another level. By way of knowledge of what is happening in other parts of the world and how Bitcoin is developing. very good and interesting. Thanks

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3 months ago

this is the moment that we are all been waiting for in the Middle East knowing how we could make most of cryptocurrency even shopping for our groceries. Amazing opportunity awaiting for those who believe on it.

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3 months ago