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Enjoy the Process not just the JOURNEY itself.

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11 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

"Enjoy the PROCESS not just the JOURNEY itself!"

This has always been my mantra ever since I worked abroad or anything that goes with what I wanted to accomplish in life. During the process, it's too messy like forming a clay bowl on a pottery wheel however the end result will always be a transformational moment.

After all at the end of the day what matters most is the PROCESS on HOW we deal with things and not merely the journey that goes with it.

Let me bring you back to that memory lane when my DETERMINATION was my only option to get through my drEEm of working overseas to provide the best life for my family in the Philippines. Things were not in my favor as I have gone through "REJECTIONS" multiple times despite my effort of showing to those people whom I thought would help me make my drEEm come true.

Anyhow with God's provision of an angel through my aunt with whom I haven't spoken in years, she took the leap of faith to lend me an amount necessary for my trip back then. I will be forever grateful.

So I managed to stay in Manila up until my departure.

And speaking of departure, since there were 5 of us from the first batch, four of them were having "FAMILY" time at the airport.

Family time which meant like they bid goodbye to each other, crying with all the reminders and words of affirmation that once we reached Doha, they need to call them just to make sure we arrived safely.

Even remembering that moment where I was merely looking at my companions with their family members, while, I on the other hand was just there waiting for them and managed to talk to my parents on the phone somehow informing them that my flight will be in the next five hours and asked their blessing on my three years contract bound for Qatar.

Shocked was an understatement when they found out even at the last minute and my father simply told me to be careful and be safe as I don't have anybody there to call whenever problems occur. God forbid!

It was a solemn yet full of emotion over the phone conversation with my papa because ever since he told me that working abroad might be too risky for a woman like me especially in the Middle East.

I can't blame him because of the horrible news lingering around.

I told him to keep praying for me and that I would manage to finish my three years contract.

With God's divine intervention, it was not smooth sailing but at the end of the day, I could say,

I ENJOYed more the PROCESS, not just the JOURNEY itself because along the way I have learned that *life is not just about how to survive the storm but it is about how to dance in the rain_anonymous!"

How about you RCians, what *journey in your life that you could say you were indeed grateful, thus enjoyed more the *PROCESS that went with it?


Image of a woman in an airport on her phone;

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Grateful Image from unsplash

The rest of the images used on this post are mine taken back in Doha edited via PicsArt while the other image was taken at Davao International Airport

Lead Image: Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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Written by   306
11 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)
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