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Corniche Area in Doha

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11 months ago

Back when hubby and I were working in the Middle East, we used to chill around at Corniche area Doha. We both felt home whenever we sat down on the bench and fed the birds there. It seemed like Seychelles still hehe.

Especially during Ramadan, where people are not allowed to eat from 6am to 6pm, what we usually do was to buy some food from a nearby restaurant and we would prefer to have it consumed at Corniche. It's more homely and relaxing looking at the ocean rather than the busy scenarios inside City Center, where DATES trees could be found.

have you checked on the DATES just near the elevator?

You would hardly see greeneries in the Middle East, I mean what to expect it's a desert right, lmao and grasses are just not everywhere.

You can only have it on specific areas. At that time thinking that I hardly even witnessed green green grass, jeez, I missed home of course.

One day while we were walking around, in an area where there were really nice grasslands, much to my surprised, it's man-made! not to mention there were traditional yachts so they

and if you would look closely on the video, DHOW BOATS are most common there. Rides could range from 30-50Qatari Riyal, (more or less 300- 500 php as per conversion rate way back 2012) at that time when a dhow boat owner took us for a ride just within the vicinity of Corniche!

*The idea of the ride was actually just have a feeling of how it was to emerge from an Arabian culture as it's their industry.

Fishing and Pearl diving traditionally were still so apparent if you would check at Souq. At times they had exhibitions with regard to their customs and traditions.

And speaking of Souq, drinking tea as part of the Qatari's culture, we managed to buy these tiny cups. Pretty much handy drinking tea eh? what do you think?

and oh I'm not done yet....

Souq is a marketplace where traditional garments are being traded so we bought our ARAB Lamps ( the other lamp was on the other side) there as hubby was so engrossed with it. It looked antique to me and it was quite expensive.

so if you plan to visit an Arabian peninsula, don't forget to check out Souq and Corniche area, these are general terms in the GCC!

*Likewise, took this picture too at prior to the preparation of Qatar National Day. Hmmm I like the "THINK" word as it reminds me to always THINK properly when working abroad.


*What's your OFW story? Have you learned something? What were the pros and con's of working abroad?

*images used on this post are mine taken back in Doha

*Badges earned at Uptrennd University. Do not use without permission.

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Written by   306
11 months ago
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