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Cheque Deposited for Sage: Why I'm a Sucker of Insurance Policies?

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5 months ago

How would you feel if ever you received a call saying that you won in the lottery? Heck, I don't join the lottery so at the back of my mind, it was a joke. All the while I thought it was a prank call because there were times when random numbers would call me and would say, it's a wrong identity hence I did not bother to answer it all. Likewise, I was thinking it was also another parent who would want to ask for their children's assignments whereby they don't like to be added in our group to be updated for anything about school-related matters.

So I considered the call null and void. That was last week! twice in the morning and another one in the afternoon. I got the same call again a day after from the same number so I decided to answer it.

The caller talked in French Creole and I got a notion that she asked for my name as per confirmation purposes by saying, "hello am I speaking to Mrs. Albert?" This is concerning Sage Albert's Junior Policy at HSI Insurance Company."

I was wondering because we had paid for Sage's premium and never did it occur to me that the policy of my baby won a lottery worth $$$$. Surprised was understatement. Oh wow, I rarely DO NOT ADHERE nor believe in a lottery, so this must be what the definition of LUCK is all about lmao!

  • Why Invest in Insurance (Health, Life and Education?)

I am a sucker of anything that has something to do with "insurance" by the term itself, regardless of how newbie you are, consider it like your "PROTECTIVE BLANKET or like an UMBRELLA".

Take a simple analogy when the rain comes, the most practical stuff we can use to cover ourselves is an umbrella, right?

I always relate "insurance" to an umbrella knowing how it protects me from getting soaked/wet.

In the Philippines, considering Financial Literacy as my Advocacy, I already invested my hard-earned money while working overseas into "Life and Health Insurance" because of my long term goal wherein I will never know when I would be hospitalized or whenever health problems may occur. I could not emphasize enough how "Health Insurance" in my country is such a LIFE-SAVER when it comes to hospitalization bills. My heart breaks whenever I recalled how my father suffered from cancer and eventually had his remaining days at home as his decision

but thank God during his in and out from a private hospital, it was reimbursed with the stipulated amount on the policy I bought. Hence when it comes to "insurance" as per experience, it is with great relief that it helps when hospitalization bills arise.

Honestly speaking, it saved me from further financial mishaps had I not bought health insurance for my papa and for my mama. This is I think the best way I show my love for them. Loving them in the most practical way through paying their premium annually.

On the other hand, although here in Seychelles, Health Care is FREE so we don't worry about investing in it however when it comes to EDUCATION per se, although it is still FREE and if you would still do your best to acquire a scholarship overseas, the only thing you do is to STUDY your best, exert your effort to maintain the marks and the government will fund it for you.

  • But why do I still opt to buy Junior Policy for my Baby?

Well, my simple reason is that "who knows what lies ahead!" at least he would have better options whatever courses he would like to take. As of the moment, his penchant is into "aircraft and anything to do with engines thus boiling down to "Aircraft Engineer or Pilot" which I believe is quite an expensive course so to speak. He may have interests in technology as he's exposed with his "Policar" animated shows, still, my main point is that when it comes to his Education, he would have better options unlike in my case wherein I'm only left with "teaching!" alone.

My parents could hardly afford to send me to Ateneo De Davao University whereby my first choice was to take up Business Management if not Journalism.

Teaching is a vocation, at the same time I was offered a scholarship, so I took Education instead and proceed with my masters for another scholarship program run by the Jesuits.

Philosophically speaking, when it comes to "Education" in the Philippines, we also have high calibre and outputs.

  • Invest in your Education.

Investing in our Education is by far the most empowering decision one can achieve in life. There are things money can't buy however when you use it for your advantage, you can serve others the most. Here in Seychelles, Education is not fully actualized by the students especially in the state school because reality check regardless if they earned it or not, they are ASSURED of work afterwards. Education is not their gateway towards employment alone however those who truly value what they have achieved in school ended up living their dream life.

Realizing this, made me think about how my baby's generation would be in the next decades. The education system may transition from a highly advanced technology but my main point is to have Sage prepare for the best. I want him to freely choose whatever courses he wanted to take so the earlier we prepared him for it, the better.

Therefore investing in his Education by means of buying a Junior Policy Plan which also has other privileges is an advantage.

  • What's the Rationale?

As a first-time mom of my 33 months old toddler and had seen how EDUCATION expenses can be so overwhelming, to the point of having students' loans skyrocket every year, I am still a believer in insurance "insurance policies" that could help my baby explore more options should the time comes he will be going for his advanced level education.

Preparation takes time and the best way to do it is NOW!


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Written by   351
5 months ago
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I learned in you that education is much important in the new generation 🥰

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5 months ago

I think it's more practical to learn new perspective when it comes to educating ourselves!

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5 months ago

I agree with you 🤗

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4 months ago

Congratulations , keep it up 🥰

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5 months ago

For our babies we must have some tremendous policies which must be profitable to them it may not be education sometimes..

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5 months ago

true! but at least the most practical investment we can give to them is in their education. Somehow buying those policies can be advantage judging from the perspective of its real value but on the moment when needed, it helps in a way!

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5 months ago

Investing in education stages are welcomed by me too. Hey, good to see you.

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5 months ago

Investing on ourselves pays the highest dividend of all times, so we might as well make most of every opportunity to educate ourselves whenever opportunities come. Thanks for dropping by.

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5 months ago