Certificate of Completion from my Blogging Online Course

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Blogging has always been the outlet for so many content creators who would want to express themselves through words.

The very main notion of getting ourselves abreast with what's happening in the society not just through the mainstream media but mainly through blogging these days is another way of sharing to the world how we could be an agent for a better change as well.

I must say that my blogging experience brings me so much joy expressing myself through writing and it's indeed *therapeutic.

Have you also experience the same thing that whenever you are on your laptop and you switch your mode to "blogging" likewise, momentum are just pouring in, and you can't help yourself but be so proud that you managed to come up with those words just how you wanted it exactly from your thoughts?


Well guys, I am so ecstatic knowing that my blogging experience is bringing me to the next level and couldn't be so grateful that our *chancellor back at Uptrennd University actually has gifted me with the most amazing Christmas present.

Who would have thought that she actually gave it to me for FREE?

I mean okay it's a gift but the

thought of being given an ONLINE COURSE?

wow for me it's too much, like hello, she is our chancellor, and we considered her as our life coach as well not just in the field of writing. How amazing to have an instant FAMILY through her maternal care.

She can be firm but gentle and she has been teaching us life lessons in its most practical approach.

So two days back, while I was busy composing my blog ( both here on readcash and on Uptrennd),

she sent me a message via discord with a link and I thought it would be our schedule for the next batch of students who will be coming in next week.

Lo and behold, surprise of all surprises, I just had my most amazing moment ever when upon signing up to my udemy account, tada...managed to view the course https://www.udemy.com/share/103PtKAEced1xaTHQJ/ without a dime. Of course at once I started right away and my excitement led me up until 1;30 am Seychelles time. I couldn't wait until I would get to the end of it.

Jeez I wanted the Certificate of Completion.....

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This certificate means so much to me because this is an affirmation that I am indeed a "blogger! and *I can take my blogging experience to the next level. I know there are tons of blogging courses online but what makes *DREEM BIGGER BLOGGING: Secrets for Social-Crypto Success online course is an "INSTANT FAMILY" the moment you joined us at Uptrennd University, as our banner says, "NOS UNA CRESCERE" from Latin which translated into English as "WE RISE TOGETHER!"

and oh don't worry it's FREE. I could go and on stating how awesome it is to meet a like-minded people who are there to uplift you much to say, you considered them your *ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER! very crucial factor for your blogging journey.

Why it's crucial?

A simple experience I had back then when I bought my own domain not to mention it was too costly, unfortunately there was not much "ENGAGEMENT" and somehow I felt that my content were not Valued at all. Kinda frustrating right?

These are the badges which represent each team and as a GAMMA myself, I couldn't be so proud and happy that I have my amazing Team Dynamite with which we received awards working together during our sessions.

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badges of my Team Dynamite courtesy of Uptrennd University

Certificate of Completion downloaded via Udemy

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