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Kicked out and need to make a plan.

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1 year ago

So it's time to move out of the house, maybe you've come of age and feel you old enough or just got kicked out, I'm leaning towards booted and you got no idea what to do, this is your lucky day, neither do I and I'm laughing because we were in the same boat. 😂😂

No, on a more serious note it is scary having been told you must pack your bags and go. Your stomach sinks and your head pounds while your eyes start burning before your heart beats faster and faster and your breathing escalates. What do you do? and where do you go? Well, these are my pointers that might help you or at least widen your perspective.

Apart from having a bag packed and finding a place to crash you need to face the reality that there's life beyond moving day.
Make a list of what all you need. Now my angle is from a broke poor perspective.

  • You need money, cash or bitcoin cash 

  • A source of income 

  • Place to stay 

  • Food

  • Data and airtime

  • Transportation 

  • Accounts

  • Clothing

  • Toiletries and cosmetics 

  • Utilities 

  • Detergents and cleaning products

  • Medication 

  • Saving and investments 

  • Furniture and appliances

  • Emergency fund

Now my list is not in order or complete but it gives you an idea of what you need to focus on when looking after yourself. All these items require money, meaning you’ll have to spend a fair share of your earnings or savings on them. If you don’t have enough or any start making a plan to earn it and try your best to avoid borrowing.

Have a list of people you can rely on and that means building a good relationship with those around you. We all need help and no one should be an island. At the end of the day, you need to do what you need to do, just choose good for good to be returned to you.

Time management is a necessity from the morning through lunchtime into the evening including midnight activities, example:

  • Wake up at 5 in the morning to prepare for work or the hustle but most important clean up because insects and rodents will be an additional problem in life.

  • Making time to clean the night before you go sleep to avoid a huge load cleaning on the weekend and eliminate the rotten smell and pest infestation. 

  • Plan your day so that you budget your expenditures and maximize your productivity. There are things you have to spend on daily like bread, transportation, etc.

  • Stick to your schedules and appointments with family, friends and business so that you don’t overload yourself or cause disappointments.

  • Be prepared to be overworked especially if you the party type because cleaning and studying never ends and takes up half your day.  

This is the part of life where responsibility really kicks in for yourself and the actions you take regarding your money and choices. You are responsible for what your kids and pets eat and how they will live and it's all based on your desires and decisions.

Finding a place to stay is challenging, you need to look at the location and affordability followed by food, electricity, water and maybe even gas. It comes down to what you going to spend your money on and what you prioritize from important to unnecessary. I just made a few points but the order is up to you.

If you haven’t moved out as yet then start preparing now for the inevitable, if your life is heading in that direction. Money is key, unfortunately, you’ll need a lot of financial help to pull through. Create a list of what you want and what you need with the price to everything and get in the habit of looking after yourself especially following a budget. 

Good luck and I hope this article helped you out and stay positive.

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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