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Hero wanted to be a hero but lost at the end

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1 year ago

From the get-go it didn’t work out for him, shame, maybe it’s from watching too many Batman shows to following the Marvel movies, he was obsessed with being a superhero. He read quotes like:

Another definition of a hero is someone who is concerned about other people's well-being, and will go out of his or her way to help them -- even if there is no chance of a reward. That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.

If you’re a comic book fan these words will inspire you to the moon especially if it is from a well-respected producer. So he decided to do something that would make Batman proud and Iron Man impressed but it didn’t go as planned.

It all started when Hero had to take his cousin to a place around the corner, not far, so he said. The place had a big dark skin guy with a black tracksuit jacket in front of it chewing a match stick while pacing up and down. “I’ll be back soon, stay in the car, ” his cousin said as he quickly went in. Sitting there watching another short guy in shades further up and opposite the road from him two ladies trying to offer a sexual service. Three boys came out of the flats his cousin went into with laughter and stupidity as they looked down into their hands. 

Hero started getting curious and decided to go after his cousin, so he walked past the one-man guard and met a group of gangsters wanna-be at the door. 

“What are you looking for?” one dude asked him.

“My cousin” Hero replied, gazing at the cold-hearted eyes and sneaked a peek through the burglar bars and the crack of the door to notice his cousins sniffing drugs while teenage girls were sitting in the corner with frightened and hungry looks on their faces. 

Now his brain started working overtime because he was in a place he has never been and witnessing a scene that he never imagined he would and so the hero mentality kicked in and he wondered. 

“How much for a hit? I got grand in the car” Hero asks with a smile on his face

“Bring the cash, ” the skinniest guy says while lifting his head and keeping his eyes low. 

As he walks over to the car he starts booking an uber to collect his car in 15 minutes. As he climbs in he opens the glove compartment and starts calling his friend and asks her to call the police in 10 minutes no questions asked while tracking his location on Whatsapp.

Grabs a lighter and a spray can out with the coca-cola before closing the door and starts spraying himself as he walks back to the flat making himself look like a doofus and the boys start laughing as they open the burglar gate and everything feels like it’s moving in slow motion at this point. His cousin's face turns sour and the music plays louder, he nods at the ladies and observes the guns on the waist of the drug dealer asking him “ what do you want?”

“I need to piss, ” Hero says and starts zipping down his trouser and hands the dealer a 200.

“This way” a half-dressed chick answers “do you need help?” 

“Maybe” responding with a sarcastic dead tone Hero pushes through and observes all windows and exit points. 

As he stands in the toilet that looks disgusting with brown stains and a sticky floor smelling like a dump. Starts pulling on the toilet as much as he can and continues on and on and notices a loose bar in the window frame but keeps on pulling and takes some of the newspaper to start a fire in the bath creating smoke. Banging on the bar and loosening it up Hero breaks it off and uses it to break off the second bar but he didn’t pay attention to the smoke build-up with the heat of the flames rising. 

“What the hell is happening?” someone asks from the other room. Meanwhile, Hero tosses clothes into the flame to make it bigger and opens the door. 

“Somethings burning! Something's burning!” The girls start screaming and the drug dealers are taking out their guns and going to investigate the smoke. 

Hero removes his short sleeve shirt and dips it in water to wrap around his face and crouches at the frame of the door waiting for them to get closer. 

“Open the gate boss, what’s going on” the boys start screaming on the outside “open boss open”

But they are too invested in going after Hero who shakes the coke into the face and while trying to block Hero pulls him into the fire. The other guy starts shooting through the smoke but hits his partner instead because Hero was dipped down and pulls the second guy by the waist and twists him into the wall. 

Now the screaming gets louder and the boys on the outside are shaking and banging on the gate screaming, “Hey!,Hey! open up, open up”
Hero gets shot in the shoulder by the boss man walking out of the bathroom with his jacket on fire. Hero leans against the wall and slides down onto one knee but reacts by taking out the spray can and lighter and starts burning the two together creating a flame thrower and runs into him pushing him down. Hero goes back into the bathroom and tries to climb out through the window. 

Police sirens can be heard and flickering of blue lights start bouncing off the walls and Hero hears the sound of runners heading towards the front gate but he decides to jump the back wall. A black pitbull attacks him and he blocks with his arm and having the dog locked onto him is not good. He still needs to get out of the yard before he gets attacked by the residence. Hero swings the dog into the pool and the animal lets go, giving him time to jump over the front gate. Landing face-first onto the sand he gets a message, Your uber will be here in 1 minute.

One of the more braver prostitutes starts searching the boss’s pockets for the key because he passed out, possibly dead, from the smoke inhalation and opens the gate and they all rush out. Police running in with their firearms pointed forward and started screaming, “on the floor, face down on the floor” and they all complied but the group of men who stood guard were long gone by then. 

 Hero unwraps his head and tries to stop the bleeding in his shoulder but then wraps his arm and jumps into the back seat of the uber request while the two men give him a silent yet shocked stare.
The driver asks, “Are you okay man?”,
“Yes, don’t do drugs” he mumbles as he throws his head down “my car is in the road, take a left and left again”. As they drove closer, Hero peaked up and said “that’s my car parked over there”. While the co-driver jumped out to collect his car he watched as the police officers had them lined up next to each other on the ground faced down and zipped tired. His cousin was part of those arrested and thrown in the back of the van. Hero gave his friend another call “thank you for being there for me, no I’m not fine you’ll have to get me at the hospital. 

Within the next hour she walked into his room with excitement and relief in her voice, “Hero are you okay I heard on the news what happened close to where you were, are you alright”. 

“Yes I’m fine”, Hero moans with a husky voice, “Just got bitten by a dog and maybe shot, what did you hear?” he coughs out.

She started rambling “The news reported about saving 15 teenagers rescued from sex traffickers and they apprehended close to R20 million worth of drugs” she paused for a moment “Are you responsible for all this?”. 

The monitor starts beeping faster and faster, “Hero are you okay? Hero” and suddenly a nurse pulls her back and says, “He’s going into cardiac arrest from internal bleeding” and starts using a defibrillator three times but no recovery, and the flatline continues with the worst sound that nobody wants to hear followed by tears after the nurse called the time of death.
Hero died a hero.

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