BCH my new wonder, it stands for bitcoin cash

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BCH my new wonder, it stands for bitcoin cash

How to earn bitcoin cash? I only know about two methods in my half-hearted (because I can find more if I tried harder) search and that is read.cash and noise.cash both owned by the anonymous creators whom I love and appreciate. Can you like someone you never met or don’t even know? Well, I’m there now (Thank you ladies and gentlemen who made these fantastic websites). 

If you know of another way to earn bitcoin cash please let me know in the comment section below. This article is my opinion and not fact so I might (possibly) be wrong with some aspects, cool bananas, okay let's start. 

Passive Income recommendations
Now there are ways of earning bitcoin but I use a very passive method that is scary in the beginning because you are not sure if they are legit or when they will crash but I have been confidently paid from the following sites: fxsuccess, cashfx and beurax in bitcoin (I use LUNO wallet) but they don’t pay for activity but investment called bitcoin lending and some of them paid my rent during the lockdown. 

As for an alternative income I would recommend read.cash and noise.cash for writers (there are other sites but for now I'll focus on these two). lol, what's funny is that I am not a writer, I just tried my luck at something new, let's break it down. 

In read.cash they pay you for your short stories and articles, more like the community and TheRandomRewarder who finds your writing interesting and informative. In the beginning, I only received about $0.10c to $0.040c but I have grown to $2 - $3 and that is dependant on the quality of your material. I have seen some articles get $10 - $45 from their followers which I only dream of achieving.

I'm not on social media

You see the difference is that I am not a socialistic person physically and online. I don’t chat or post on twitter, facebook, instagram, I can go on and on, so finding friends and followers is a bit of a mission for me. Over the last month and a half I’ve gained 10 subscribers (lucky me) and I am so grateful, thank you to all those wonderful people supporting my writing, you are amazing. I hope you become successful because I speak blessing over your life.

I noticed that you need a long article filled with wholesome material and possibly gains attention, so pour your heart into it and add some pictures and questions. I also noticed that people want to read about BCH and cryptocurrency or money, earnings, related articles. Wow, a lot of people are suffering out there. As for me, I write about my thoughts at the moment. 

As for noise.cash you can earn between $0.50c to a dollar and that all depends on what I assume is the subscribers, content and freetips. In the beginning I was getting close to $1, $1.50 but I have been cut off from free tips and that could be for several reasons. Firstly they give you the option of percentages to tip from 20% to 80% which I couldn't reason with because I found it unfair to tip one person 30% and the other 70% which I disagreed with after tipping, so I stuck to a 50% all round which could be the reason I got cut off but there is more to it. 

The rules for noise.cash are as follows:

  1. No begging for tips or subscriptions, which I never did

  2. No eroctic or porn content, I agree with that 

  3. No obviously illegal content, makes a lot of sense

  4. Stay polite, I liked this part 

  5. No content intended to disgust users, this is why I like this site.

  6. No extremism, calls to violence or glorification of violence, I totally agree with these rules.

Which I didn’t violate but it must be the free tips rules which go as follows:

emphasis is not a bad thing

“Free tips are occasionally given by us to some random nice users. You can not withdraw them directly, but you can give them to other users and take a percentage yourself. Give it to great interesting users and we might give you free tips more often. If you give it to spammers, to your own accounts or take too much to yourself, we might never give it to you again. Have fun!”

So the last time I got free tips I tipped too big and to the usual supporters because people are tipping those who tip them, which makes sense, but maybe it was my percentage and spammer tipping that got me cut off. 

 Bottom line 

I still get tipped even though I don’t get free tips because of the system I have in place. Now other users just focus on what niche they have. Some have 300 to 500 subscribers others close to 1000 or 3000 subscribers (Impressive). But I feel bad I can’t tip great post anymore and there are some motivational and mind-blowing material on noise.cash

I’m diverse and I don’t get free tips so this is what I do:

Some motivational and inspirational quotes, because that is popular followed by some cryptocurrency information because the majority are looking for that. 

I go over the post of the subscribers I follow because I can’t see who is following me, unfortunately, but I try to keep up with the tippers and comments.

I then implement my own interest which is marvel and business followed by an exploration of current and possible new posts.

Some users rarely post and just comment and tip and they have a lot of followers and subscribers. 

Now I use to tip some great posts from both subscribers, subscribed to and 'explores' which I can’t do and I got tipped in return so be careful not to lose that privilege because it cut down my income from $1 to $0.50c, give or take. 

This is not big money but creates awareness for BCH (wow BCH is amazing), one person got $100 in 8weeks and another $20 in 10 days as for me I only got, to date $30 to this point for my start date including read.cash and that might not be a lot to you but it’s free for chatting and writing your thoughts which is a win for me. 


We are not all the same, your contacts and material might caterpillar you to the best possible standard or hold you back from the fullest these sites have to offer. Coming from a noob with no experience I see the potential of reaching greater heights in the coming year.   

BCH is the ... (can't swear profanity not allowed) 

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