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The Collosal Lightning Network Hoax

How can we overlook the deception that sustains a broken BTC at a whopping $540 Billion market cap while Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) stands at just a $2 Billion total market cap?

How can the Bitcoin Cash community, developers, investors, and simple users not feel vindicated when Bitcoin Cash fees are constantly lower than a single cent?

The empty excuses are depleted, as even hard-core maximalists feel uncomfortable with high fees.

Most BTC investors didn't comprehend or didn't believe that the Lightning Network was a colossal hoax, as the weight of their bags and the laser eyes clouded their judgment.

Nothing can fix the tarnished reputation of BTC.

Sidechains are not a solution unless people use centralized hubs that introduce censorability.

BTC maximalists for several years embraced charlatanism expressing illogical arguments and promoting absurd ideas.

In 2023, BTC's reputation stands at its lowest point ever.

New and old investors seem paralyzed by the rising fees (already $45 on average), and they only begin to realize the brainwashing and deception.

The End of Lightning

(Source: Twitter)

Many were caught in this web of lies and wasted time, effort, and money.

The BTC speculative circus will soon end. It maybe has one final pump, and by 2025 it will be all over. The fake dreams, the fake volumes, the fake Tether, the absurd devs, and the mindless maximalists will all go down in history as the greatest hoax of the 21st century.

We have analyzed all the BTC maximalist lies regarding the Lightning Network in the past:

Big blockers were warning against the use of Lightning Network, and it now seems people using it in El Salvador for their daily needs are getting trapped and desperate in a broken network.

(Source: Twitter)

The Lightning fairytale was emphatic in attracting unaware beginners in cryptocurrency all this time, yet the bcashers were right all along.

Lightning can't work. It will require a blocksize increase THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. 

Transactions above 100 sats/vB don't clear.

Bitcoin (BTC) is broken.

The big blockers were right about everything.

BTC's transaction value (median) dropped signifacntly (more than 70%), and Bitcoin Cash median transaction value is now higher than BTC.

An indication that BTC large holders consider the risk of using the Bitcoin network during periods with high and unreliable fees.

YouTubers and Twitter influencers can sustain a lie for several years, especially when they manage to sell BTC as a store-of-value scheme to institutions.

Tether's fake reserves were also pivotal in sustaining extreme speculation which fed several hundreds of maximalists since the price was the ultimate goal.

The BSV Attack Vector

There's no doubt that maximalists are great strategists, and they fought valiantly against big blocks by installing the BSV attack vector in Bitcoin Cash. An insider can execute the perfect plan and do all the dirty work. He can perform the most damage and exit unharmed if the right people with overwhelming resources back him.

Bitcoin Cash is following the technological evolution and adapts the blocksize to what the latest tech can handle:

Bitcoin Cash delivers the absolute solution to scaling without sacrificing decentralization. The permissionless nature of Bitcoin remains intact while the blockchain scales to facilitate the global transition to better money.

In conclusion

(Source: Jessquit-Twitter)

The prominent attack vector against Bitcoin Cash is the crypto casinos (exchanges).

The crypto-exchange fractionalization of reserves does not allow Bitcoin Cash to increase its purchasing power, and the price has become the main argument against it.

Exchanges seem attached to maximalists’ pressure. However, most crypto exchanges demonstrate different goals than the economic inclusion and freedom to transact, Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash stands for.

Throughout the years we have witnessed several threats, slurs, and aggressive behaviors against Bitcoin Cash by Blockstream executives that materialize into attacks frequently. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem remains uncompromised, even after two major community splits.

It is 2023, and despite having multiple information sources, most of the world is gullible enough to trust only the mainstream while ignoring red flags and manipulation techniques.

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4 weeks ago


It seems like, despite of facts keep on popping out everywhere, a lot of people are still wearing blinders and follow only those in front of them. sigh

Nevertheless... soon the truth will fuel BCH to the moon.

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4 weeks ago