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Tally Ho! - A New Web3 Community Wallet - A Challenger to Metamask's Monopoly!

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3 months ago
Topics: Wallets, Web3, Metamask, Ethereum, Tokens, ...

Web3 is radically changing the internet and finance. Hopefully, Web3 technology will integrate with the entertainment sector, gaming, and video platforms, and the corporations building the Metaverse will finally appreciate it.

Fundamentally, crypto wallets need to be open source for audit reasons and follow a non-custodial approach, supplying the user with private keys or secret-phrase.

The above should be a given, either this is a payments-oriented wallet or a Web3 one since the fundamental difference between cryptocurrency with the rest forms of money is self-ownership.

Tally Ho! respects the user by delivering these minimum requirements. Moreover, it has the potential to reshape the Web3 wallet structure, scrapping the Metamask model and further enhance decentralization in the ecosystem.

An open-source, non-custodial Web3 wallet, although still at an early development stage. Tally Ho! Web3 wallet is currently operable for Ethereum and Polygon blockchain use and recently added Ledger integration.

Tally Ho! Wallet Review

The wallet is browser-based in a similar approach to Metamask, although still in development mode, thus lacking many features. According to the official website, this is a community-based project. Tally Ho! will also include a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with its finalized release. The Tally Ho! DAO presents the vision of a project driven by its community. Building and including a DAO is the perfect step towards advancing in the era of Web3, abandoning previous centralized conditions.

A quick detail before we continue with the presentation of the wallet, to get the Ethereum public address of your new wallet after setting up Tally Ho! visit the receive option.

So, I tried to import one of my Ethereum wallets that contained tokens and a few NFTs to check it out for the Publish0x contest, yet one of my issues is the lack of an option to import a private key.

I faced a similar issue with the Ronin wallet, where I couldn't import the private key from my Ethereum wallet to transfer Axie tokens on the Ronin network, but it was asking for a secret phrase, which I didn't control. The migration to Ronin was a disaster, more or less, as far as I remember it, having traps all the way for tokens to be send to the wrong wallet.

With Tally Ho!, I tested the read-only option, although, as I suspected, the wallet did not provide a view of my token or NFT holdings.
Even Metamask asks the user to import (most of) the tokens manually. Still, the Tally Ho! wallet currently lacks this option.

Moreover, as mentioned before, the wallet currently supports Ethereum and Polygon only.The wallet at this stage doesn't have the option to import other EVM-compatible networks, still, I guess it will be easy to integrate access to more networks (BSC, OKEx, smartBCH, etc.).

 An option that Metamask has and makes our lives easier is the "Expand view" feature.

This option has saved me countless hours, especially when I have to perform multiple transactions.

Self-Ownership And User-Friendly Interfaces For The Metaverse

Frankly, Metamask is not a user-friendly wallet and my personal opinion, Metamask shouldn't be the standard upon which browser wallets begin.
Metamask was part of the "beta stage" of decentralized exchanges with DEXs like Etherdelta and Forkdelta. Uniswap installed AMMs and rendered the previous DEX format obsolete. Quite likely, something better than Metamask will appear, and who knows, perhaps this will be the Tally Ho! wallet.

Cryptocurrency proponents often explain how crypto will take the world by storm, although it won't unless we make everything simpler and user-friendly. We need grandma and grandpa to know they won't have trouble using a Web3 wallet.

Developers build whatever they have in mind, but it is often non-functional and not user-friendly. Marketing is not incorporated productively in cryptocurrency projects except for PR and advertising. The cryptocurrency community does not comprehend that marketing is not just about spamming social media or creating ads for the Super Bowl.

Marketing analyzes products and redesigns inventions, reshaping a decent idea into a great one that will be ready for global adoption.
To get it right, marketing departments are necessary in businesses since they analyze the markets and understand how to design products based on the needs of everyone. What you get otherwise is a small niche as a target group.

We are about to herald the era of the Metaverse, a virtual economy expected to reach incredible size by the next decade. With that in mind, build products that billions of people will use.

Potential Airdrop of DOGGO token:

There is also rumor of a future airdrop for the project's native token DOGGO according to

I will definitely make a transfer and a swap, just in case, to be eligible for this potential airdrop. However, I didn't manage to confirm the validity of this report.

In Conclusion

Tally Ho! is a product under development at a beginning stage that looks promising. Still, it needs a lot of work before I can recommend it.
Currently, the wallet offers few options, yet this is justified since the wallet is not ready for public use. It contains a bug report button helping the team discover issues, so the users are encouraged to submit their findings.

Another positive sign for the future of Tally Ho! is the projects backing it, according to the official website. Some of the top names in DeFi and Web3 financial technologies are interested in Tally Ho!, so it is wise to follow the developments.

In the past, I had experience with other browser wallets creating issues to my Metamask and misbehaving even when using different addresses, while the solution by the developers was to deactivate Metamask. I was glad no such issue was there with Tally Ho for the time I tested it.

For a user to abandon Metamask and start using another Web3 wallet, there should be features and an interface friendlier than Metamask.
- Is Tally Ho more user-friendly than Metamask? I think at this stage it isn't.
- Does it offer options that Metamask lacks? I didn't find any, although there are plans that could make Tally Ho! stand out and become a decent alternative to Metamask.
Moreover, the DAO proposal represents the intention of the developers to integrate a community-driven decision process for the project, adding to the positives.

Not a ready product for immediate use, but I will follow developments of Tally Ho! and test the wallet again at a later point when close to an official release.

Useful Links:

Official Website \ Roadmap \ Tally Blog \ Twitter \ Dao Proposal

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Written by   1388
3 months ago
Topics: Wallets, Web3, Metamask, Ethereum, Tokens, ...
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I am hanging in their Discord and so many top things to happen if the roadmap works as planned.

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3 months ago

Tally Ho can be better alternative to MM but it surely needed to update many features. Moreover it will also support BCh Blockchain. I hope everything will be fine sooner when people will be to know about real use of this wallet.

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3 months ago

The tally ho wallet is actually going be a challenge to metamask, I would check it out cause I have some issues with metamask cause it is ram consuming. Does tally ho also support multi chain just like metamask

$ 0.00
3 months ago

the wallet currently supports Ethereum and Polygon only

It is not even beta. It will take a while.

$ 0.01
3 months ago

Okay then I would try it out cause it seems to be a less ram consuming like metamask

$ 0.00
3 months ago