Revealing Satoshi - Part I: The Many Faces Of Satoshi Nakamoto

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10 months ago

A long time ago, I published the story of The Mysterious SOS Sign in Japan, a real-life mystery from the 80s.

This story was irrelevant to my typical crypto-related work. Still, this is my top article in terms of views (2103, a decent number for this platform).

I discovered the story of the SOS sign in Japan from one of my favorite YouTubers, Barely Sociable.

Barely is one of my favorite narrators, captivating the audience with his voice and approach, but sometimes with a tendency to intentionally overcomplicate issues and occasionally skipping focal parts of the story significant enough to reach a definite conclusion. 

After the "success" of my article concerning the SOS mystery sign in JapanI attempt to debunk more of Barely's videos, a content creator that I completely respect and watch fanatically.

The top modern-day mystery worth multiple billions of dollars is the identity behind the founder of Bitcoin, the person (or team) that used the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

I consider this story intriguing, as there were so many missing elements, and felt obliged to search extensively, recover missing fragments and try to solve that puzzle.

The Many Faces Of Satoshi Nakamoto

We begin a journey and dive into an extensive knowledge base adding elements we will discover along the way, clues that perhaps others overlooked.

A story that could have remained unsolved but at the end of the final chapter, the identity of Satoshi will be revealed.

There are dozens of candidates for the Satoshi Nakamoto title, but only a few cover the essentials, while even less seem to cover most of the details.

Cryptographers like Wei Dai, Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Adam Back, and even Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, Craig Wright and David Kleinman, Ian Grigg, Dorian Nakamoto, Shinichi Mochizuki, and many more have been suspected to be a perfect match for the Satoshi profile.

Most will deny it, others will self-proclaim to be Satoshi. Moreover, the case of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is a rather interesting one, since this is an individual living close to Hal Finney, the first person to ever receive a Bitcoin transaction.

Everyone involved with Bitcoin early is a suspect, even Maarti Malme, Laszlo Hanyecz. Everyone that contributed with a meaningful way to the software was suspected to be Satoshi.

Some will claim it was not a single person but a team behind the creation of Bitcoin, and others will bring conspiracy on the table, naming the NSA as the creator.

We will discover only circumstantial evidence still we can reach a conclusion. However, the benefit of the doubt is strong considering all candidates, as we are missing substantial evidence to support a definite judgment.

Probably the only conclusion we can reach concerns the odds each suspect bears to be Satoshi, since no matter the clues, we can only make assumptions.

Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto, by Barely Sociable

While Barely Sociable required a few months to decide on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and Adam Back is indeed a prime suspect according to the selected evidence Barely provided, when examining the topic in-depth we still find no direct evidence.

For this part of the story, watching Barely's video is the best way to spend 55 minutes of our free time.

I assure readers that the video is worth it, and beginners or not, you will have no issues following the events. Barely Sociable narrates this story with an approach that doesn't require technical Bitcoin knowledge.

So, let's watch: Bitcoin - Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto, by Barely Sociable:

About Barely's Story And The Maximalists Reaction

So, Barely Sociable gave us his version of Satoshi's identity naming cryptographer Adam Back as the most logical person behind the identity of the founder of Bitcoin.

While Barely presented most of the arguments as proof, still, the whole story seems it requires a leap of faith to acknowledge the conclusion. Inconclusive evidence sometimes matters and can bridge the gap of missing information, but may also lead us to false results.

It is not provable and not improbable either. And while the video presented a one-sided approach, it mostly contained assumptions but only a few solid arguments that made sense directly, without requiring that extra mile of explaining.

Whatever reaction this story produced, it was certainly wasn't met positively by the Bitcoin maximalists back in 2020.

The reasons are simple.

No, the maxis don't actually care if someone discovers Satoshi's identity. What they cared about, back in May 2020, was everything to remain stable and nothing to disturb what they envisioned as a beginning of a new bull run.

BTC maximalists are not just holders. They tend to sell their Bitcoins as the price rises and volumes increase. When prices begin dropping as interest in BTC starts fading, the same whales push prices to the downside even further so they can rebuy at a lower level, usually focused on a price 80% lower than the current BTC ATH.

In April 2020, everyone had already filled up serious BTC bags, causing them to be aggressive against anything that would threaten tranquility in BTC.

Regardless, the reaction of the BTC mob against Barely Sociable was utterly abhorrent, and perhaps even Adam Back felt awful with the despicable live-stream of Tone Vays and Jimmy Song, as he later decided to discuss with Barely Sociable on Twitter.

Perhaps the Satoshi mystery does not align with the modern approach of BTC maximalism anymore.

Perhaps revealing the truth is not significant anymore since BTC has long before lost its revolutionary features and is only receiving recognition as a Wall Street hedging mechanism or a high-risk investing instrument.

Bitcoin (BTC) reached the elite but lost the people, and this happened on purpose.

It is not appealing to the masses anymore since it does not represent a reliable means of exchange. Bitcoin (BTC) does not appear to be a revolution anymore, but a product associated with funds, on display on Wall Street and waiting for a spot ETF to celebrate an achievement.

How exactly is this revolutionary?

Satoshi's identity is a topic the Wall Street club doesn't enjoy as a point of discussion.

As the mainstream has connected anonymity on the internet with digital crime, and in the past related Bitcoin with anonymous black markets and the dark web, topics concerning Satoshi's identity are not encouraged.

When Bitcoin was still young and considered able to radicalize payments, everyone was looking for Satoshi. Still, after it turned out to be another product in a supermarket shelf, the mystery behind Satoshi is slowly losing its appeal.

For most of the Wall Street BTC investors, whales, and maximalists, it would be better if Satoshi didn't exist.

End of the First Chapter

Barely Sociable covered this story thoroughly and shed light on details perhaps only a few early Bitcoinners knew.

He also concluded that Adam Back is the main suspect behind the mysterious persona that created Bitcoin.

However, there are many discrepancies and the other side of events that we should also examine.

We will be back with a new chapter tomorrow to shed more light on the facts and we will also begin unfolding clues gathered in the search for Satoshi's identity.

Next part:

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10 months ago


y si es una empresa quien creo este personaje, necesitamos a mulder y scully para develar el misterio, la intriga y el misterio es algo muy comercial que mantiene a las personas en expectativas.

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10 months ago

Surely the real Satoshi created lots of enemies :D

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Maybe he did. Although, I don't think he is in trouble today. Nobody will care, except perhaps for reporters.

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10 months ago

I shall return here tomorrow to get the clues unravelling the identity of the real Satoshi.

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10 months ago

Please do! I have material for a few more posts.

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10 months ago

Whoever satoshi is, I guess he will not be revealed until very late. Probably he will deny and put on another layer of mask to be able to run from those who wanted to know who he truly is

$ 0.02
10 months ago

Probably he will deny and put on another layer of mask to be able to run from those who wanted to know who he truly is


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10 months ago

I once read a theory of who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is but it is all about the big companies in japan and the name came out from its company first syllables. Toshiba, Motorola. 😅

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10 months ago

Oh, right. I remember this but it has no grounds. It was made as a pointless meme.

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10 months ago

That's what my thoughts also when I was done reading the article. The way it was plotted was great but not convincing though.

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10 months ago

Wow! Its surprising to see that many faces or persons are linked to the title, Satochi Nakamoto. The story of the first man that ever received a bitcoin transaction is rather interesting. I'd like to see more revelation of the Adam Back figure. This Is absolutely put together.

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10 months ago