On-Chain Scaling Or No Blockchain At All

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As the banks' foundations crumble, Central Banks prepare trillions of dollars in new bailouts to sustain the unstable financial establishment.

Euphoria is ephemeral and about to be replaced by uncertainty and fear.

While nobody wishes for a repeat of 2008, economic cycles can be vicious, and we are getting closer to the top of the current one.

In 2008, no shelter existed.

No alternatives existed in 2008, and Bitcoin was just an idea on a paper, while only a handful of people knew about it.

But Bitcoin (in the BTC form) is not the solution either.

Supposedly Bitcoin BTC was the alternative, but twice already, the high fees broke the network.

Stats And Comparison

The Bitcoin split in 2017 created two different versions:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) and

  • the version of Bitcoin that works: Bitcoin Cash

BTC is unreliable, with fees reaching $50 any time people start using it.

(historic chart of BTC and BCH fees)

Blockchain Scalability And Decentralization

Sidechains like the Lightning Network don't function either, since during congestion fees to open and close channels increase significantly:

It doesn't have to be a $50 fee to realize you won't be buying milk for weeks with BTC. How is that an alternative to fiat then?

Even a quarter of the dollar in fees suggests inefficiency.

Bitcoin Cash transactions are instant with 0-conf and the immediate removal of the RBF vulnerability since 2017.

The Bitcoin version that scales is Bitcoin Cash presenting an alternative to fiat and banking, with the ability to scale and reach global adoption.

Bitcoin Cash Mining And Developments Decentralization

Bitcoin Cash presents a permissionless solution with instant transactions and almost-zero fees. Fees are constantly lower than one penny, providing much-needed reliability.

(Source: BCH Explorer)

Bitcoin Cash has passed the test of time and presents a secure blockchain network with a perfect track record.

Multiple development teams (node operators) are working on software implementation of Bitcoin Cash utilizing an improvement proposals procedure (CHIPs) to achieve consensus on upgrades.

There are no trade-offs. Bitcoin works according to Satoshi's intentions.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin Cash is how everyone who joins cryptocurrency today expects Bitcoin to be.

Fast, with low fees, reliable, secure, with no trade-offs, and a non-custodial approach.

Scalability on-chain is a prerequisite for the prospect of mass adoption.

Bitcoin Cash is the censorship-resistant alternative to CBDCs and fiat. 

Today the macroeconomic disturbances resurface as the legacy financial system faces its intrinsic structural vulnerabilities.

As the fractional reserves system is entering its final days, this time we have a permanent solution.

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