Hoax? Anon Activist Exposes Dirty Little Crypto Secrets!

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An anonymous crypto whistleblower using the moniker "adyingnobody' published a thread recently on Twitter explaining in details a plan to release 137,21 GB of data containing private communications of some of the most popular crypto influencers, project developers, and investors in the crypto field.

The claimant explains this data is communications intercepted in bulk from private Telegram channels between October 2019 to May 2022 (almost three years).

We comprehend already the crypto field is sinking in mud when it comes to ethics. A representative term of the crypto market is homo homini lupus (A man is a wolf to another man). We all know A LOT is going on, yet we'd rather not even consider mentioning or researching dirt deeper.

Yet, some practices damage our investment.

While some of the acts described in this post are condemnable, it did not surprise many, and frankly, it would be a victory for the serious people in this field to expose such practices.

I want to come clean, and I will likely tear a rift in the entire community while I'm at it and on my way out.

- adyingnobody

The Twitter thread begins like this, and right from the beginning, we realize there could be a lot to consider. This message involves many crypto communities, Crypto Twitter, YouTubers, developers, and NFT artists.

Although, we have to be critical of such threats since chances suggest what this post describes could be the creation of a prankster, or worse.

What We Already Suspect

The author plans to publish data from private (crypto related) communications in this order:

June 15th

  • crypto influencers, ranging from as little as 800 followers...

  • discussions pertaining to racism and homophobia, of adultery and sexual assault...

  • ...discussing rugpull projects, projects intended to scam the community...

  • killing and stealing the crypto of an individual ...

June 30th:

  • ... AMM's all designed from the start to siphon funds from users

  • discussions of everything included from the crypto influencers

  • invitation to orgies on private jets, in mansions, in VR settings...

  • *omitted

  • *omitted

  • lots of adultery and weird obsessions with ex-girlfriends by gifting them millions in dollars hoping to get them to fall back in love with you (you know who you are, just let it go)

  • asking twitter employees to personally delete and/or ban accounts relating to incriminating information

Parts omitted can be found in the links provided. The announcement goes further from financial fraud accusations, and most of these criminal activities will concern some special agencies.

July 7th:

Everything will be released.

The full version of the whole thread can be found in this link of the app TwitLonger adyingnobody used to publish it as a Twitter thread.

Most Probably A Hoax

While the threat on Twitter has gone viral and caused mixed reactions, it also contains many elements of a hoax.

The author begins by acknowledging the fact the surveillance of communications of top traders was rather profitable since the discussions even contained the organizing of pump and dump schemes.

I've only ever seen two people mention this exploit in passing, one in person and one on Twitter, so I know I was not the only one.

The transcript lambasts the whole of the crypto market with details uncovered from the supposed Telegram exploit.

However, a lot doesn't add up, making the whole thing look like a hoax or perhaps even an elaborate scam attempt that would profit the culprit.

Telegram communications are often characterized as unsafe concerning privacy since it doesn't enforce E2EE.

While all Telegram messages are encrypted, they’re only encrypted while in transit from your device to Telegram’s servers. Once your data arrives on Telegram servers, it's decrypted and could be seen by Telegram. 

(source: NordVPN)

However, Telegram's "secret chats" are supposed to be end-to-end encrypted, yet often in the past faced multiple security and privacy issues (link).

Bugs have created issues in the past, and certainly privacy in Telegram is overrated.

I did not care in the past, some of these people are looked up to in the ecosystem nowadays and the thought of these individuals commiting fraud would be dismissed in an instant

This is intriguing but I'm afraid that this is not entirely true. Certainly, an accusation in the crypto field would be "dismissed in an instant" on Twitter. Not in real life, though, and when this is about fraud or other criminal activities, it reaches a different level.

Accusations are randomly thrown every day against anyone, this is part of crypto. Nobody trusts anyone, so if a thousand paid Twitter bots and shills dismiss an accusation, the accusation remains, even with limited evidence.

Eventually, the evidence piles up, and different forms of action take place by those affected by the fraud.

Some even moving on from their days of bygone scams under anonymous names with their groups of friends (while others continue to persist to this day).

Certainly some scammers moved on as they possessed skills to create something useful that would give them better opportunities than risk getting Doxed while scamming people. This checks.

I do not know what it is about Telegram, but the alleged assurance of privacy and security meant that people became relaxed and let them express themselves freely.

It is not prudent to believe any app provides complete privacy.

I did what I could to undo the power and success granted to those that do not deserve it.

The message already explained how this person achieved riches by following the popular influencers and traders and achieved success too:

I felt like a part of it even though I had no method to interact with them. However, as they got rich, I got rich.

These two statements contradict each other. Perhaps the author feels entitled to this success, while the organizers of deceitful activities like pump and dumps were not. If they didn't deserve riches or success, then certainly the author didn't do anything to warn the cryptocurrency investors for years but exploited this situation.

I had written a script that downloads every message sent to any Telegram group with targetted individuals

A Python engineer can certainly write such scripts. The author suggests only a few knew about that particular Telegram exploit. Perhaps trying to present him/herself as a hacker to add to the mystery.

Data Can Be Manipulated (Conclusion)

Overall, this reminded of similar attempts by supposed hackers in the dark web threatening with huge data dumps to extract funds or exploit communities.

Some (or perhaps most) crypto influencers coordinate pump and dumps and financial damage their followers.

Basically, what this thread describes contains events and details that have reached the public already.

Recorded communications could present incriminating evidence for investigations to follow. However, telegram communications can be exploited and frame innocent individuals.

Another Telegram exploit gave the ability to malicious attackers to change the word order of users’ comments.

Without other evidence backing the claims, and connecting individuals to criminal activities, the supposed evidence can be an attempt to falsely incriminate individuals.

I formally invite reputable press within the community to reach out in order to obtain sample archives from groups I've already curated.

If adyingnobody asks for payments before the supposed data dump, then this is an elaborate scam to extract money.

Since the thread already explains how this person amassed vast riches by spying on communications, asking for money will contradict the previous statements and immediately expose this as a scam.

  • Cover Photo by " TheDigitalArtist" on Pixabay


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to be honest I've been in bad things before by learning how to hack using scripts that have been made and python is a reference for piracy but I am aware of this act of theft so I don't continue this activity because I know that the rights and property of others are belongs to them and we are taught to work and strive to live righteously.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

He is making so many big claims and it does make me somewhat believable but the only thing that concerns me is why he had put down his metamask or ETH address in the description as If he gains attention and followers someone will donate him something just out of fun or curiosity.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Part of me hopes he has what he claims and releases to the public. It will matter to have transparency on how whales, big traders and influencers manipulate prices . Now the rest he claims are even more serious.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

popcorn is ready.. 🤯

$ 0.05
1 year ago

So, is he saying he is going to name names? Or just report on the discussions?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes. The post says it will give names and project names.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I guess we'll find out in a few days.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Either this data is fake or true but it will leave a great impact on crypto investors. Especially to communities who are involved in manipulation. We need to accept most of facts describe in it that are on reality based. But we can't say anything with certainty.

$ 0.02
1 year ago

I think it's a fake one, but it explains well what we suspect happening already.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I read about this fuss on twitter but I thought it can be publicity stunt on Twitter as Telegram provided privacy. But most of the facts are really true...

$ 0.00
1 year ago