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“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.” —Julian Assange

Julian Assange represents freedom.

With his website Wikileaks, he provided the public with confidential information of many wrongdoings performed by governments, politicians, and corporations and shed light on the atrocities of the Iraqi War and many other events of equal importance.

A few conscious governmental agents, with access to information of the dirty little secrets of governments in the US and other parts of the world, found a ground to become whistleblowers and expose atrocities, irregularities, and corruption inside their governments.

Everyone with access to sensitive and confidential information could upload it securely and anonymously on a public website for everyone to read.

The governments that were trying in vain to censor Wikileaks fell from grace one after another once billions of confidential documents have been released to the public.

Events and decisions behind closed doors became known to everyone, war crimes and corruption that many had been suspecting but had no evidence to confirm.

Wikileaks changed journalism, however an aggressive reaction by all governments inside or outside the “Free World” was the effect, and Julian Assange was depicted as the root of all evil by the government manipulated media.

Hacking Accusations Are Now Found To Be Fabricated

Julian Assange is currently waiting for an extradition decision to the US by the UK authorities after years of finding sanctuary in the embassy of Ecuador in London, UK.

Ecuador’s presidency of Rafael Korea was succeeded by Lenin Moreno in 2017. The ten years of Rafael Korea’s ruling and the “Citizens Revolution Movement” were expected to be continued with the presidency of Lenin Moreno.

Surprisingly though, Moreno turned against his previous allies and Korea is currently in self-exile in Brussels, Belgium.

Ecuador granted political asylum to Julian Assange in 2012 and he was living inside the embassy for seven years, as he was to be arrested if set foot outside.

Two years ago (2019) the Lenin Moreno government revoked the political asylum given to Assange, and allowed police to arrest Assange inside the embassy, in a clear violation of international law.

A few days ago though, news appeared that can turn the case around and new hopes surfaced for Assange to be freed.

A key witness in the Assange case reportedly admitted having lied in his testimony. It seems that Sigurdur “Siggi” Thordarson was “planted” by agencies to testify against Julian Assange. This person fits the model of a perfect candidate that would help the government case against Assange, in exchange for his own immunity.

Thordarson fabricated his accusations against Julian Assagne and this led to an improved case by the US government.

Icelandic media Stundin published a very detailed paper explaining how this key-witness to the Assagne case lied in his testimony and found to be a paid informant to the US federal authorities.

Assagne Should Be Freed Immediately

The case against Julian Assange is based on these three elements:

  • Helping Chelsea Manning

  • Violating The Espionage Act

  • Computer hacking-related crimes

The first two arguments are very weak and have no valid facts to support a case against a journalist, so a third one, that wasn’t so vague as the rest, had to be imported to seal Assange’s fate and hold him locked up in a cell for the remaining of his life.

Without this third element, there is no case at all and Assange should be freed immediately. The case of hacking crimes is based on an unreliable and dodgy witness, with a history of criminal activity, that is now found to have provided a fabricated testimony against Assange.

This was the plan, to make a solid case so the UK would extradite him to the US where a parody trial would take place.

This indictment is an abomination that targets journalism and throughout these years I’ve seen many accusing Assange of conspiracy, hacking, and even proceeding with rape charges that were unfounded and later dropped.

Textbook government manipulation to turn the attention away from war atrocities and corruption evidence and target the person who exposed them.

Assange was to be set as an example and had his reputation and integrity tarnished with slander and fake accusations.

The establishment wants the truth hidden but the public wants the truth to be told.

Assange didn’t bow to any government. His followed a courageous path and dared to try and create a more transparent world.

Wikileaks has delayed and possibly prevented many new wars that were about to happen after the Iraqi one.

Freedom of information is a basic right that Wikileaks supports, and we need to be on the side of Wikileaks and Assange any time this is required.

Freedom of Press is Suffering Worldwide

On quite a few occasions we have witnessed reporters being censored, threatened, jailed, attacked or even murdered in cold blood. We’ve seen journalists abruptly getting fired from news stations just for asking questions or mentioning about government corruption.

A rise of authoritarian statism is observed around the globe and currently, it is just the Scandinavian region upholding press freedom as a priority.

This map is the “World Press Freedom” and it emphasizes the fact that governments are tightening their grip on social and financial affairs in a bid to preserve their power in fields they were never required.

Controlling the press is a method to reduce the public outcry on cases of corruption, warmongering, authoritarianism, and validate the “need for a bigger government”.

Journalism and “freedom of press” suffer today in most of the world since the US government by persecuting Assange has given an excuse to authoritarian regimes to clamp down on media independence and freedom of information.


As long as Assange is not vindicated there will be less freedom.

We have to search deep to find the truth behind each event since most news stations and websites are controlled by just a handful of media moguls with clear ties to governments.

Independent media are not found on the top of google searches and often not indexed at all. The monopolization of journalism makes it easier for government intervention and manipulation.

Corrupt and authoritarian governments are now using the US stance on journalism as a pretext to rule with an iron fist and increase their media influence. They use the name of Assange and the case the US brought against him to justify their clampdown of free speech.

Assange is the flag of freedom. What he represents is not just Wikileaks and not just journalism, it is the basic human right to free speech.

It is the core of our freedom, the right to inform the public with evidence.

When Assange was arrested inside the Ecuador Embassy, Twitter blocked most accounts that were related to support Assange.

Is this the website we will ever find the truth? Twitter has about a billion users. Yet Twitter censors and abuses its power taking down accounts and permanently suspending freedom of speech.

It was also sad to see only a small group of Assange supporters in the London protests. I hope that there will be a massive movement as people need to fight this monstrous indictment that is now also proven to be containing fabricated accusations.

It is also a shame that the Australian government does nothing to prevent this injustice against one of its citizens.

Julian Assange is fighting for everyone, even for those that accuse and despise him.

The extradition case should be dropped and Assange should be released immediately.

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Check my latest article. Seems people are becoming more informed about this case and how important it is.

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7 months ago

Freedom of expression is being buried right under our noses.

Whoever is a threat to the powers that be, will be exposed to arbitrary acts to be silenced.

We live in dangerous times where being brave is less common. Assange is one of those brave ones.

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1 year ago

It is not in the governments' interest to let him go free, it may be a humiliation for them.

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1 year ago

There is no freedom of expression then

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