Bitcoin Cash - Free Yourself From Fiat, Banks And Inflation

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The cryptocurrency industry is in awe of the adoption achievements of Bitcoin Cash in the Caribbean (and all over the world), however, we still find competitors who loath Bitcoin Cash instead of focusing on similar adoption rates.

Eventually, the price will follow the adoption level of Bitcoin Cash, as investors will finally comprehend there is a Bitcoin that works.

At least the part of the crypto community that cares for the use case of cryptocurrencies admires the progress Bitcoin Cash is making as a payments network and not just stick to the speculative side of crypto.

Bitcoin Cash as sound money for the world nowadays forces governments to recognize BCH as an alternative to fiat while it develops into a widely used and adopted payments option.

Compared to the banking services and fiat, Bitcoin Cash has inherent advantages for both consumers and the business world, removing the need for third parties.

Money of the Future

Roger Ver and his squad assist Bitcoin Cash in its rapid rise in the Caribbean, delivering financial freedom and an alternative to the fiat menace.

St. Maartens is now the hottest place on the planet for cryptocurrency adoption since MP Rolando Brison announced his reasons to recognize and propose the addition of Bitcoin Cash as an optional national currency for his country.

This adoption in St. Maarten will not be similar to El Salvador with a government-enforced complex system of payments. The El Salvador adoption of LN benefits several private entities and third parties (LN wallets Chivo and Strike, Blockstream, Tether, Algorand) while operating centralized with government control of the funds through centralized custodians.

Besides its adoption as P2P Electronic Cash in physical locations, Bitcoin Cash can support an economy by removing the barriers of the dollar hegemony.

Bitcoin Cash Is a BETTER Option than Banking POS & E-Commerce

We expect e-commerce to keep growing worldwide and consumers to demand more and better payment options.

Centralized banking systems (the legacy payments model) suffer from multiple online payment failures, reducing the size of global commerce. There are no payment failures with Bitcoin Cash.

Bank databases (and third-party payment facilitators) are updated manually by data-entry operators making mistakes inevitable. Bitcoin Cash has no single point of failure.

Moreover, banks maintain customer blacklists together with a list of hundreds of rejection codes. Bitcoin Cash has no rejection codes and no blacklists.

The banking networks contain centralized databases and proceed with daily batching services for POS-related transactions. Bitcoin Cash is decentralizedThere is no one in control of the funds. Transactions are validated on the network (the blockchain) using consensus rules. With 0-conf, Bitcoin Cash performs instant transactions. 

"Utility Trumps Speculation"

P2P transactions in Bitcoin Cash are instant and secure, with no manual intervention or centralized supervision.

Bitcoin Cash works better not just than BTC, Ethereum or Doge, but also works better than the banking system as well.

It is one of the most robust decentralized networks, with multiple teams of professional developers working together to provide perfect scalability, aiming to achieve global adoption.

Bitcoin Cash is alwasy seeking a customer-oriented approach toward serving billions of people. Developments on top of Bitcoin Cash are constant and innovative.

SmartBCH, the smart contracts sidechain to Bitcoin Cash, has a similar approach and competes in DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 with a user-friendly and cost-efficient approach.

Overall, there is no other blockchain network presenting today similar significant progress, developments, and adoption rate as Bitcoin Cash.


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tomara tiempo que las personas usen cotidianamente el BCH, por ahora esta en manos de inversionistas, emprendedores y desarrolladores y algunos que poco a poco tomamos algunas gotas de este elixir.

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1 year ago

I cannot wait for bitcoincash to become a money, I don't have to worry doing a lot of transactions and sending a lot of messages to the chat support. Too good to be true.

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I myself have tested and seen Bitcoin cash

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Yes, bitcoin cash will be the best in crypto world. Just every country should understand it and accept BCH.

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I wish people of our country know the worth of crypto but it's only possible when the government legal the crypto properly because 90% of people are unaware of it and I guess they need proper guidance so that can prefer BCH over fiat money in the bank which is also not secured Roger ver squad is doing a marvelous job

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