Twisted Love

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He bustled around the kitchen, his movements almost as fast as his mind was racing. He had not been this happy in a long time; perhaps never before as happy as now. There was the one time, but this was better than even his best, most precious memory.

There was so much to do. So much to plan. A party. They would need cake, of course. Lots of little ones. And chocolate. She did love her chocolate.

He had felt a pang when he'd discovered her plans. She had intended to go home and he would miss her more than anything. He had asked her to stay. Begged her really. He wasn't ashamed. He loved her, of course he would fight for her, protect her. Always.

Finally all his hard work paid off. She had agreed to stay. Tears had filled both their eyes as she'd agreed to stay.

He knew then that she loved him as much as he loved her. They would be devoted to eachother forever.

What better way to celebrate than a grand party with all their friends? It was sad that her family couldn't be there. He knew she missed them but there was nothing to be done. They had never liked him, no matter how charming he had tried to be.

Alice hadn't liked him at first either but she'd grown quite fond of him over time.

He was pulled from his planning as boiling water splashed up from the cup he was pouring into. With an annoyed grunt he quickly set the kettle down to examine his hand. The pain didn't particularly bother him; he was no stranger to it after all. Nor was his Alice.

Thoughts of her flooded his mind again and he hummed a tune as he picked up the cup of tea he had just prepared for his love.

He found her just as she had been, curled up under the blanket, evidence of her affection for him drying on her beautiful face.

'I made you a tea.' He told her pleasantly, setting it just out of her reach. 'It is quite hot at the moment.'

Nothing. Perhaps she had fallen asleep. She had been sleeping a lot lately, if not poorly.

He gently woke her and helped her into a sitting position. She had been quite weak lately which worried him somewhat.

He picked up the cup of tea and grinned at her. 'Tea?'

She shook her head and shuffled away slightly. There was a light rattle as she moved.

'You should never waste tea, darling.'

She opened her mouth to protest and his hand shot out and forced her head back. Keeping her mouth open, he poured the scalding liquid down her throat. Her skin blistered where it made contact with her face and bare chest. Fresh tears sprang to her eyes as she struggled against her bonds.

Her only comfort was that hopefully he would tire of her as he had the rest of her family and finally let her die.

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